Photos of the town’s past mayors now hang on the walls of the municipal building

by jv

previousmayors-200x1501Framed pictures of the town’s past chief executives are now mounted on the walls of 3rd floor of the Municipal Building. Photos of the following past mayors hang on the walls near the ceiling:

Don Jacinto Peralta (1900-1903), Don Vicente Olarte (1903), Don Antonio Aldana ( 1905-1908), Don Jose Perez (1908-1910), Don Santiago Quinto (1910-1911), Don Jacinto Amansec (1912-1916), Don Juan Magno (1919-1922), Don Florentino Magno (1922-1925), Don Santiago Quinto (1928-1931), Don Domingo Magno (1931-1940), Don Claro Quinto (1940-1948), Don Eligio Fernandez (1948-1956), Don Olimpio Velasquez (1956-1960), Don Paulino de Vera (1960-1968), Don Artemio Saldivar (1968-1969, 1972-1986), Doña Fe Bautista (1970-1971), Don Manuel Venezuela (1986-1988 OIC, 1988-1998).  The appointed spaces for Don Artemio Chan (1998-2007) and the present Mayor Emma Zosima Chan are still waiting for the framed occupants.

(Editor’s Note: For corrections involving the notables/dates above, please contact the KaPOZoK/Pozorrubio Onlines staff. It would be historically appreciated.)


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