Mayor’s Inspirational Message, Graduation 2009

To the graduates of 2009. . . congratulations!

It seems it was only yesterday when you and your parents teamed-up with the rest of the community for the Brigada Eskwela to prepare the school for another June opening of classes. At parang kahapon lamang, you and your parents prepared yourselves for another school year of rising earlier than the sun, of walking running riding to and from school, of standing-up for recitations and sitting-down for tests, of meeting problems and friends. 

Today, you close-off the year. To most of you, today is maybe just a closing-of–the-year exercise, a getting-ready for more of the same, a continuing to the next year.

To a select and lucky few, today is a graduating from what had been started years and years ago. It means that from here, there is no going back. There is only a going onward. And as you, our young ones, take those steps forward that would soon take you out of here far from our arms, may we not burden you with our worried hearts. We would rather have you take with you the reminder that wherever you go, you bring with you the sum total of what you had endowed yourselves with, through the help of your home, your school and the community – a continuing quest for knowledge; character, integrity and the virtues of leadership, cooperation, ambition and service to the community; and love and pride of the land and of your people.

Pozorrubio is now a 1st Class municipality and adjudged the best performance-managed system in Pangasinan, and 3rd in Region I. These leadership achievements as with our other achievements in the areas of academics, athletics, culture and the arts prove that, as a community, we can perform miracles.

As we had done, may you, our young ones, continue to reach for the stars. In a society so weighed down with poverty and inequality, so fraught with violence and hate, you are given this opportunity to rise above the disillusionment or the apathy so prevalent among your peers.

You have the power to do anything, to achieve everything, and to soar beyond all expectations. All of us are given but one life with which to make a difference. Graduates of 2009, you have already begun to make that difference.


Municipal Mayor


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