This girl is a gazelle!

by jvillamil

Karen Farnacio, fastest runner of Region 1


KAREN N. FARNACIO is a sixth grader from Don Domingo Magno Elementary School of Barangay Banding. She is slight of built. She is tanned from too-much sun. She has this long wavy black hair swept into a tight pony tail. She stands chest out, even tummy out like little kids usually do, her hands clasping each other at her back.

She will be pretty, even devastatingly beautiful five years from now. But until then . . .


She is the fastest girl in Region I. In the elementary category, in the 1,500 meter dash. And she is running for gold soon in the Palarong Pambansa to be held in Leyte. For me, for you, for all of us Pozorrubians, Pangasinenses, and Ilocanos from La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte.

For a girl so young, she can be very consistent. She grabbed the 1st place in the 1,500 meter dash and 2nd place  in the 800 meters in the Congressional Sports level hosted by Pozorrubio Central School at the beginning of the 2008-2009 schoolyear. Then she went on to break her own record by snatching the 1st place for both 1,500 and 800 meter events in the Division Meet held in Tayug, Pangasinan.


And at the just-concluded IRAA in Dagupan City, she whisked by so fast like the gazelle that she was at moments as that. She was bending her head for her 1st Place medal while the rest of the runners were still trailing behind eating her dust.


Congratulations, Karen. Run on, run proud.



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