Barbara Salvador, Bb. Pilipinas Candidate No. 23

Barbie dela Rosa Salvador, Candidate #23, Bb Pilipinas 2009

Barbie dela Rosa Salvador, Candidate #23, Bb Pilipinas 2009

Barbara de la Rosa Salvador is fondly called “Barbie” by relatives and friends. She was born in Quezon City on February 5, 1987 to Francisco Raul Doras Salvador and Blesilda Cunanan de la Rosa who are both medical doctors. The third in a brood of three, Barbie is a bubbly big little sister to brother Ryan and sister Sandra, both nurses. She took up B.S. Communications Technology Management at the Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan avenue, Q.C. where she graduated in March 2008. She balanced studies, work, fun, and extra-curricular activities while a scholar at the university. When not working as a student assistant at the administration office, she would star in a fashion show or a play for the Entablado group. Quite the trooper, she has also gone spelunking in the caves of Sagada, trekking to the mountain falls of Puerto Galera, and jet skiing in the waters of Batangas. She has also dabbled in some print modeling projects like a wedding magazine and a food chain brochure.  Barbie does live life to the fullest in her own merry way.

As a child, Barbie was a friendly little tyke who shared toys and welcomed guests. She was always content with a leg of fried chicken and a bunch of bananas, but icecream and chocolates do feed her sometimes sweet tooth.

Barbie: Press Conference

Barbie: Press Conference

Among her winning moments as a grader were in declamation as a kindergarten pupil, as Miss Argentina in prep, and winner of “She’s Got the Look” beauty and talent contest in first grade. In high school she played basketball and left her mark in art class with a life sized paper mache sculpture of Medusa. When she became adept at doing things with the computer she started helping her mother do her powerpoint presentations for medical lectures here and abroad. And when all else is quiet and boring she hammers on the piano with a few make-do tunes.

Barbie is a “giver” at heart. She gives of her self, time, and talent to those who may need it. She has done supplement teaching to poor schoolchildren, charity work with the local youth for Christ, and volunteered work for their homeowners’ association. She believes that a person’s worth is best assessed when after a good deed both the giver and the receiver have this “feel good” blood rush at equal level. She is joining the search for the 2009 Binibining Pilipinas to further hone her ability to be of service to others whilst representing her beloved Philippines in the spirit of one world that has love, peace, and understanding.

UPDATE March 7, 2009

Candidates included in the Top Ten are:
Candidate #11 – Regina Hahn
Candidate #23 – Barbara Salvador
Candidate #9 – April Love Jordan
Candidate #22 – Priscilla Mae Honorio
Candidate #5 – Diana Arevalo
Candidate #20 – Melody Gersbach
Candidate #3 – Richell Angalot
Candidate #17 – Marie-Ann Umali
Candidate #1 – Vanessa Johnson
Candidate #15 – Pamela Bianca Manalo


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One thought on “Barbara Salvador, Bb. Pilipinas Candidate No. 23

  1. Dear Kabaleyans,

    Wow – how exciting – this is the first ever “Pozorrubian” that I know of who ventured into the world of beauty pageants and had quite a good result.

    Being a beauty pageant “afficionado”, I have been involved in beauty pageants since the 70s – eg, Baron Travel, Miss NTC and then in Australia – the Miss Phlippines Australia, Australian Supermodel, Miss Earth Australia and Miss Earth Philippines Australia – to mention a few – and I continue to do the same todate….

    I wish Barbara success in this endeavour and may she continue to try other pageants. I know of a few former candidates of Bb Pilipinas and other pageants who did not make it at first and then went back and tried again and won…

    Ganuon lang iyon…

    Good luck and enjoyed the report.

    Kind regards

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