Mayor’s Message, Pozorrubio Town Fiesta 2009

      139th Foundation Anniversary and Town Fiesta,

      January 9, 2009, Coronation Night


MAYOR’S INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE                                         

            Madam Mayor Kimi S. Cojuangco of Sison, beloved wife of Congressman Mark Cojuangco of the 5th District of Pangasinan; Vice Mayor Reynaldo Reyes; SB Kagawad Dennis C. Uy and this year’s Chairman of the Town Fiesta Committee; the member Kagawad of the Sangguniang Bayan present here tonight; Barangay Captains and their Councils with special mention of Bobonan where Queen Noemi Banda-Laguit and 1st Princess Vivienne Ritualo-Marquez are from, and Alipangpang, where 2nd Princess Rosita AlmoiteSalcedo is a Kagawad of: the immdediate family, relatives, and friends of our Royal Court and their Entourage; also, that of our 2008 Town Fiesta Queen Melanie Neri-Fernandez; the Department Heads and their staff of the municipio; the officers and personnel of the national agencies;  the indispensable, hardworking and very resourceful hosts of tonight’s event headed by Madam Perlene dela Cruz;

Ladies and gentlemen, cailian/cabaleyan kon Pozorrubians, members of the balikbayan community and all the friends of Pozorrubio!

Naimbag nga rabii, naragsak nga baro nga tawen kadakayo amin!

And as we are in the middle of this year’s 139th Founding and Town Fiesta and inevitably nearing its end, may you  still have the time to gather the warmest and the most joyful of experiences and the fondest of memories!        

            The Coronation Night is the most symbolic and the most awaited of all the events that make up the one week or more of the yearly town fiesta. Symbolic in the sense that tonight, we award the winners of the Search for the Pozorrubio Town Fiesta Queen their just rewards for their wholehearted participation in a contest that must have cost them unmentionable headaches and heartaches, precious energy and priceless resources.  

            Tonight, we crown the Queen as a symbol of her one year of royal reign over all of us plain mortals. We place on her shoulders the cape; this will serve as a constant reminder to her of her social duties and moral

responsibilities. We also hand over to her the scepter, her wand of power and magic. We will be crowning the princesses too accordingly.

            The throne, crowns, scepter, and cape are not made of true gold or silver or gems. Neither do we have a palace nor a kingdom fit for a queen or even a princess.

            These I mentioned are all symbols, mere rituals. They present a public showing or outpouring of the secret and shy contents of our hearts – our cumulative hearts as a community without borders. 

Through these symbols and these rituals, we are all telling Queen Noemi, 1st Princess Viviene and 2nd Princess Rosita and their families, friends and relatives, also the past Queens and the Princesses and their families, relatives and friends that we are eternally grateful. Ang aming pasasalamat ay walang katapusan.

            For through their help, they gave us the beginnings, a continuing and probably the near completion of what Pozorrubio is today. What you see around you – the Sangguniang Bayan, the Municipio, the RHU Building, the farm-to-market roads, the schools, the baranggays, the various educational, health and social services for our people – ay napasimulang gawin, ginagawa at patuloy na magagawa.

            I am not saying that these things were made possible through of the effort of the balikbayan community only, but because the balikbayan community have joined hands with the rest of the local community – the leaders, the farmers. The traders and businessmen, the professionals and employees, the teachers and the pupils.

            To make the bigger, biggest collective force. And together, our force was strong enough, if we must, to move a hill. Even a mountain.

             In our lifetime, we never dreamed that we will be a 1st Class Municipality, even the best-managed town. But Pozorrubio is both. And God and the people of Pozorrubio made us both.

            Agyaman cadacayo amin, apo.


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