Pozorrubio is now a First-Class Town!

By Zorayda Costales/jvillamil

We have come a long, long way. And it was a trail of mathematics, pure and simple.

Pozorrubio is now a 1st-class town. This is according to the DOF BLGF (Department of Finance, Bureau of Local Government Finance) MEMO CIRCULAR NO. 01-M(58)-08 dated November 12, 2008 re: Reclassification of Municipalities effective July 29, 2008.

Considering that this latest round of reclassification requires that the average annual income bracket of 1st class municipalities is 55 million or more covering the period 2004 to 2007, the financial statements of which must be COA (Commission on Audit) certified, Pozorrubio is more than truly deserving of this distinction.  The town had been averaging an annual income of more than 70 million for the past 4 years under both the Chans’ administrations.

Pozorrubio was a 4th class municipality when former Mayor Artemio Q. Chan took his oath of office on the 1st day of the 1st year of his 1st term as chief executive. During his 3 terms totaling 9 years of public service, Pozorrubio gradually but surely graduated every 4 years to 3rd class then  to 2nd class municipal classification.  When his wife, Emma Zosima T. Chan took over as mayor after the 2007 election, there was no way but definitely forward, onward, and up. The couple shares the same strength of political will and unwavering dedication to the welfare of Pozorrubio and the thousands of Pozorrubians, here and abroad.

And hawak-kamay, the couple and the townspeople, time and time again, had shown and proven to all that in diversity, there can be unity. Astounding, miraculous unity. The people, so different in so many ways, gave their trust to both the Chan administrations through their  enthusiasm to pay their taxes, permits and other miscellaneous fees.  

Only the cityhood is left up ahead. But, who knows? Dreams do come true. This dream did. 

From the editors and staff of Pozorrubio and KaPOZoK Onlines to the leaders, the Sangguniang Bayan, the Treasurer’s Office but most especially to the people of Pozorrubio, congratulations!


2 thoughts on “Pozorrubio is now a First-Class Town!

  1. Congratulations to all Pozorrubian’s and Kudos to Hon. Mayor Emma Chan!

    Now that we are a first class municipality, the “tangay-tangay ed Pozorrubio” stigma will soon just be part of our rich cultural heritage. Indeed, we can now tread, with our chin up, whatever walk of life as we were mold by our past struggles and experiences until we reach this realm of success.

    My most profound gratitude to Hon. Mayor Emma Chan – an authentic public servant who lives the heart of her constituents.

    Mabuhay Pozorrubio! Mabuhay Filipino!

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