Pozorrubio has best municipal performance !

by jvillamil

Pozorrubio is Provincial Champion for the Best LGU – LGPMS (Local Government Unit-Local Government Performance Management System) of Calendar Year 2008. For a second-class town, this is no mean feat, for Pozorrubio was chosen best from among all the 1st , 2nd and 3rd class towns of Pangasinan grouped together in the municipal category.     

This selection qualifies Pozorrubio to represent Pangasinan in the next level – the RDC-DILG (Regional Development Council-Department of Internal and Local Government) Award Searches for Region 1 Best LGU-LGPMS;  the Cleanest, Greenest and Safest province, City or Municipality, Coastal and Inland Bodies of Water; LGU Best Practices, and; Best NGO-LGU Practices.  

The Regional Development Council (RDC) is the regional equivalent of the Provincial Development Council (PDC). While the PDC is chaired by Governor Amado Espino, Jr. with all the Pangasinan mayors as council members, the RDC has Ilocos Sur Governor Deogracias Victor Savellano as chairman and Ilocos Norte Governor Michael Keon, La Union Governor Manuel Ortega and Governor Espino as council members together with some selected mayors from the 4 provinces, regional directors of the different national agencies and representatives from the private sector.

From November 24 to December 11, the Regional Search Committee will conduct validation visits to the provinces, cities, and municipalities.


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