Search on for most “Clean and Green Barangay”

by jv

THE seven-man evaluation team  have September 16 to 30 to make a clean sweep of all thirty-four barangays of Pozorrubio as the first step in the contest for the most Clean and Green Barangay for 2008, a distinction which Buneg had held on to since 2005.    

It must be remembered that Buneg Kapitan Wilfrredo Perreras so impressed the evaluators with his unique style of implementing vegetable gardening and waste management to involve and ultimately benefit all and every family and resident within his area of responsibility that there was no other choice but to hand over the  award to his barangay.  The other barangay kapitanes took cognizance of this extraordinary feat, and unanimously voted Perreras as President of the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) in October 2007.

According to Municipal Local Government Operation (MLGO) officer Ma. Floricel A. Servito, the evaluation this year will again focus on Solid Waste Management and Vegetable Gardening.  With a slight variation: the evaluation will give attention to the tulungan sa purok level, wherein the barangay with the highest combined scores garnered by seven (7) of its purok gets the cleanest and greenest award.

 There are three (3) criteria on evaluating the purok:  gulayan (backyard gardening) – nursery/seedbank, variety, economic value, cultural practices adopted and nutritional value; roadside beautification – greening, cleanliness, drainage, road maintenance, streetlights, anti-drug and environmental signs, and;  solid waste management – segregation, compost pit, meterials recovery facility, presence of garbage collector, trashcans/bags along the streets or within households.

The evaluation process does not end on September 30. Sometime in December, a follow-up evaluation will be made for the final determination of the top ten barangays. The award is to be handed out during the Barangay Night of the 2009 Town Fiesta.       

Aside from Buneg, the nine other barangays to make it to the top ten in 2005 were  (in the order of their rank): Bobonan, Dilan, Amagbagan, Tulnac, Palguyod, Sugcong, Manaol, Don Benito and Nama.


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