Beautiful minds!

by H. A. Bautista/jv

Pozorrubio Central ranks 3rd in 2008 National Achievement Test 

If it were a game of brawns and skills, the local team would have scored a whooping touchdown. Make that three whoopers, in truth of fact.

In this year’s National Achievement Test, Batch 2008 of Pozorrubio Central School finished highest among the highest in the nation  – 1st  in Pangasinan Division II, 1st in Region I, and  3rd in the whole of the Philippine Islands.

Batch 2007-2008 of Pozorrubio Central School was 306 strong, but 99% or 304 joined the rest of the Grade 6 pupils from public and private schools all over the country on March 6 to take the 2008 NATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST. Subjects tested were English and Filipino, Mathematics, Science and HKS (equivalent of History, Geography and Civics combined).  

Scoring the highest percentile rating of the batch:  Bea-Ann S. Andaya, Ma. Lourdes Nicole V. Abrena, Sakred Eusep A. Perez, Micah Junabel M. Ventanilla, all four pupils with a rating tied at 96.50; and Tricia Joy B. Amarillo – 96.

It is a record to beat other just as worthy records in all other fields. Really, actually, it is more than a record.  

It is a spectacular group achievement to humble other scholarly achievements done by a collective entity of 304 beautiful minds. And from a public school at that.

It must make history take more than a second look at this town; but like most of history, it had been written into the book without so much fuss, with quiet noise.

It makes Pozorrubians stand a little bit taller, though. And exchange proud nods and handclasps and hugs.

And mornings after, on to high school. Today, these 304 or so beautiful minds go about their own quiet studious ways – to learn more to know more – that they may build a better future of what the world had left them of their tomorrows.

Congratulations to these pupils, their parents, their sponsors from the municipal administration, PSC Principal II Virginia  S. Cabero and a host of tireless Master Teachers and other key personnel tapped to conduct the reviews.     

Bea-Ann topped the Special Science Class Qualifiers given at Juan G. Macaraeg National High School in Binalonan to make it to the Philippine National Science High School.  Tricia Joy made it to 3rd place, and Ma. Lourdes Nicole,  4th. 

Of the hundreds of examinees, only 90 pupils from Division II qualified for PNSHS. There were 12 pupils from Pozorrubio Central School who took the science qualifier; all of them passed. The rest of the nine were: Acer Ann T. Amansec – 12th place, Ramon Bong U. Picar,  Sherrie Mae S. Zacarias, Mikee T. Cruz, Diodemmar R. Casem, Mydee Camille B. Ubaldo, Engell Joy S. Isla, Danilo V. Oli and Christine Isabel A. Javier.

Bea graduated with First Honors from Pozorrubio Central School last April, Micah Junabel with Second Honors, Ma. Lourdes Nicole with Third Honors, Sakred Eusep with Fourth Honors, and Tricia Joy with Sixth Honors.



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