Photo news on University of Luzon, Pozorrubio Campus

Photo news: by jing villamil 

Update on University of Luzon, Pozorrubio Campus, August, 2008

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6 thoughts on “Photo news on University of Luzon, Pozorrubio Campus

  1. Now that Former Luzon Colleges in Dagupan city becomes University of Luzon,I just known that there will be a Pozorrubio campus for Univ. of Luzon from our beloved mayor Emma Chan last friday in Hayward California at the house of Mr. Andrew Marques and Vivien(Sept.5, 2008. Well in fact I graduated in Luzon Colleges 1975 in Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. And I am very proud to be one alumni. I am currently emplyed for U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (Wesrern Laboratory)as a Supervisory Microbiologist. As for those who wnat to pursue your education good luck to all of you and God bless.

  2. Congratulations former LC! I would like to get the website for the new University of Luzon. I am an alumni of Luzon Colleges graduated in Oct 1976, Commerce Dept. I also want imformation about alumni registry and alumni events for my batch. Thank you

  3. Congratulations, I am an alumni of the Luzon Colleges I would like to know other fellow old students in Canada in particular british Columbia.
    Graduates of 1984. I have tried to reach my old school by phone and fax but even emails is not going through can any body correct this pls.

  4. Please I need the course ourline for BSc medical technology of 1984.
    and direct line to talk to some one in the school Alumni of the university of Luzon are known for had working, let every one keep the star flying.
    Thanks and God bless you all and all the Teachers and students of the college.

  5. Hello Fellow Graduates of Luzon Colleges,Colleges of Medical Technology We are having a mini Las Vegas Re-union In Las Vegas Nevada this coming May 29,2011 and
    Fiesta of Libsong International founded by our beloved
    classmate Mr. Frank Bautista. Dr. Art Tolentino will be there
    and celebate with us so with most 1973,1974, and 1975
    Med-tech garduate from all over United Staes will be there,
    So I am inviting each and every one to join us. Please call
    alex Palang at (510)799-6976 or email Alex @ to get more info.

    Alex Palang

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