Of Food and Roofs

by jing villamil

It was supposed to be a long weekend of rest and relaxation. By virtue of an executive order, Saturday (August 23) and Sunday (24th) was extended to include the National Heroes’ Day which was advanced to Monday (25th) from August 31.

Nevertheless, these were working holidays for the Mayor.  She gave the last of the town’s share of national assistance of 2360 pieces of g.i. sheets to families whose houses were fully or partially blown away. She also distributed the last of the family relief packs to the victims still suffering from the after-effects of typhoon Cosme. The 9 barangays most affected – Maambal, Nantangalan, Bantugan, Castaño, Malokiat, Casanfernandoan, Don Benito, Haway and Balacag – received a total of 1044 packs broken down to 116 packs of rice, canned goods and noodles per barangay donated by the Pozorrubio LGU, DSWD, Congressman Mark Cojuangco and Abono Partylist.

 Almost to the last 12 hours before Mayor Emma Zosima T. Chan and former Mayor Art were to leave for a 2-3 week US trip on Tuesday, August 26 (to search for the 2009 Ms Pozorrubio Town Fiesta and to attend the annual reunions of Pozorrubians abroad), the couple, the Office of the Mayor’s utility and general services,  and the Disaster Coordinators/Day Care Workers of the MSWD Office were to be found in the far-flung barangays. 

Clickhere for photos:


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