Mayor Goes to US in Search of Fiesta Muse

For a Pozorrubio built by Pozorrubians

Mayor Goes to US in Search of Fiesta Muse       

            Emma Zozima T. Chan, municipal mayor, flies to the US for a 2-3- week visit among overseas  Pozorrubians beginning August 26, Tuesday. She is accompanied by her husband, former Mayor Artemio Q. Chan.

            Purportedly, the trip is to reiterate her invitation to the balikbayan community to visit the hometown in time for the 2009 Foundation and Town Fiesta celebrated the whole second week of January, and to make their visit more memorably significant by fielding their own candidate for hometown muse. It is to be remembered that this town is one of the pioneers of the initiative to actively involve not only the local constituents in the development of their respective communities, but to include those migrants/immigrants to places far and abroad.

            The visit is also an opportunity for Mayor Emma to express her thanks to the Pozorrubians who had endorsed and supported her candidacy for Mayor in the last election. The Chans, through their election campaign manager Manny Saplan, was scheduled an itinerary that would have them attending as special guests to reunions of the United Rosarians, Pozorrubians of Los Angeles, San Diego and Northern California, and other varied occassions.             

            During the Chan administration, past and present, the annual Search for Ms Pozorrubio Town Fiesta and accompanying program souvenirs had funded in part or in whole a number of projects such as the Plaza Pergola, Multi-Purpose Building, Legislative and Executive buildings, Friendship Park, the ongoing renovation and construction of the Children’s Park and the Rural Health Unit center.

            In the long-term Municipal Developmental Goals report submitted to the provincial government upon her assumption of office, Mayor Emma visualized the 3rd (the RHU center) and the 4th and last composite buildings to be built during her term. The last building is to house the local offices of the national agencies Department of Justice, Philippine National Police, Commission on Elections, Department of Interior and Local Government, Post Office, etc. The 2009 Search for Ms Pozorrubio Town Fiesta aims to contribute to the fulfillment of that vision.

            In her absence, she entrusts the municipality over to Vice-Mayor Reynaldo P. Reyes.


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