Inspirational Message, Orientation Day, University of Luzon, Pozorrubio Campus

University of Luzon, Pozorrubio Campus, July 15, 2008 Orientation Program

University of Luzon President/Engr. MacArthur Samson, Jr.; Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Mrs. Aurora Samson-Reyna, deans, professors, parents, students, guests, ladies and gentlemen . . . good morning.

It was 16 years ago when my family and I acquired this piece of land. The same 16 years passed before we decided it was time to build this building. Upon reaching that decision, we then had to settle the question of what establishments to house in this building. We discussed and disagreed and debated, and we came to agree on one thing – that before all others, this building must house  a vocational or a college institution. For the reason that we do not have one at present. And the difficulties of the time demand that we should have one.  

Today is not just an Orientation Day. We are celebrating history. This is the first semester of the first school year that we will have a tertiary school right here in Pozorrubio. We not only have a college; we have a university! 

You are opening more than windows and doors. You are transforming our dreams into actual realities. To all aims and purposes, we have a  teaching and training institution that is willing and raring to meet the challenges of the times, to  invest precious time and even more precious resources in the future of our young ones. And to help enrich further the already rich minds of the graduate and post-graduate adults. 

And may I pause here awhile to present another challenge coming from our poor but deserving scholars themselves. I had been talking to some of these students who are receiving scholarship allowances from the municipality. Would it be possible for the university to come up with a modified payment scheme for tuition fees that would make UL’s quality education more affordable and more competitive with the state-subsidized universities like Pangasinan State University (PSU), Don Mariano Marcos State University (DMMSU), and Urdaneta City University (UCU)?

I know you had also thought of this possibility, but due to the short and hectic preparations for the June opening of classes, the mechanics of its implementation had not been laid out to plan. We pray that by the 2nd semester, we would see more of our municipal scholars joining the increasing number of your university students. 

In behalf of the people of Pozorrubio, allow me again to extend the most sincere welcome. May you feel at home in our beloved town. We already feel at home with you.

And, as important as the welcome, is our thanks. Thank you for believing in Pozorrubio and its leaders. Thank you for recognizing the fast-paced development of Pozorrubio.  From the municipal officials, the parents of the young ones who are your enrollees, and from the rest of the community who are, in one way or another, beneficiaries from the presence of University of Luzon here – thank you.

I remember Dra.  Aurora Samson-Reyna saying once: there must be a reason why University of Luzon has a Pozorrubio Campus, and not in any other town or city outside of Dagupan. God must have destined it to be.  I, too, believe He must have.   

Maraming salamat po, and from a Pozorrubian to you, fellow Pozorrubians that you are now, maligayang pagdating sa inyo.

Municipal Mayor

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