First State of Municipality Address, by Mayor Emma T. Chan

State of Municipality Address, 2008
by Hon. Mayor Emma T. Chan, Mun.Mayor of Pozorrubio, Pangasinan; 2 July, 2008


. . . distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. People of Pozorrubio – aking mga kababayan, kabaleyan, kailian. A good day to us all!


Let me share with you this global fact.  From the smallest unit of society which is the family, to the most highly developed nations of the world – the single, most important factor that makes or breaks that unit, that spells its success or failure . . . is governance. 

It is WE, as members of the Local Government Unit (the legislators of the Sangguniang Bayan presided over by the Vice-Mayor, the Barangay leaders, the Office of the Mayor to include all the departments) who had influenced greatly what the PRESENT is for the 64,000 Pozorrubians and more.

And it is also WE who will determine to a most considerable degree what Pozorrubio can still further become.

This fact should clarify for us, once and for all, what the criteria is for deciding what programs we should pursue; which legislation we should formulate, sponsor or support and; how to best implement said programs and legislation.

Thus, it is in this connection that  I  reiterate the commitment I made on my report to the people on the First 100th Days in Office: this administration shall continue to pursue progress and development for the town of Pozorrubio already began 10 years ago.  



            In continuing pursuit of this commitment, YOU and I must remind ourselves constantly that WE, as members of the Local Government Unit, are primarily servants of the people and our Mission to serve is guided by the foresight worded in our Vision. *



            The direction to which I steer this ship of a municipality as your captain takes into overall consideration the sectoral priorities that were included in the Municipal Development Plans submitted to the Provincial Development Council chaired by Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. These priorities are attuned to the program of the national and provincial governments and are complimentary to its 10-Year Millennium Development Goals.*


            Therefore, I shall speak to you of the state of the municipality after my first year in office, but I shall also speak of the development goals this administration aim to accomplish by year 2010 in relation to the topic being discussed, and at what stage we are in its implementation. 


          People of Pozorrubio, it is my duty and privilege, as your Chief Executive, to present to you the state of the municipality.        




A. CY 2007 Net Income 


*In Calendar Year (CY) 2007, Pozorrubio generated a Gross Income from all sources, local and national amounting to P77,666,876.10. Deduct the total expenses incurred for the same period for Administration Expenditures, Social Services, Economic Development, Personal Services and other Maintenance and Operating Expenses amounting to P63,272,389.76, we registered a positive Net Income of P14,394,486.34 for the entire year of 2007. 


B.  January-May 2008 Total Collection from All Internal Local Sources 


*The treasury generated a total collection from all internal local sources January 1-May 31, 2008 amounting to P17,811,515.87.  


I believe that we owe this positive Net Income, first, to the conscientious tax-paying citizens of Pozorrubio and, second, to the efficient and effective collection activities of our local Treasury as supported by our Municipal Revenue Code and other provincial impositions.


In fact, until the next selection is processed by the Department of Finance, our Municipal Treasurer Zoraida Q. Costales is still the *No. 1 Most Outstanding in the Province for the past 2 consecutive years, and  No. 1 Most Outstanding in Region 1. Our Municipal Assessor Alfredo R. Reyes is also *No. 1 Most Outstanding in the Province.


Announcement: Mr. Reyes is due for retirement, after years of honest and fruitful. service on July 18.


Pozorrubio still ranks No. 4 in the Province and No. 10 in Region 1 in terms of Net Income according to the Financial Reports of Municipalities of the Commission on Audit as published in the newspaper *Philippines Star on September 28, 2007.


C. Benefits from the CY 2007 Net Income Surplus


This LGU gives back to the people what the people had trustingly and willingly given to the government in terms of taxes, licenses, permits, rentals and others. And one direct way is through the enactment and implementation of *Ordinance No. 02-030507  allowing us to grant a 10% permanent reduction of the rentals imposed to all our public market stall owners beginning April 2008.  


This may probably be the first in the history of our town, and even of this Province, that a reduction of rental fees was passed instead of the usual imposition of new taxes or fees.


Another way is by means of social welfare programs such as procurement of food assistance for indigents, medicines/ medical supplies and equipments; and infrastructure projects such as the construction of *more farm-to-market roads and *new schoolbuildings in the barangays. Since July 1, 2007 we have 2,899 linear meters or 2.9 kilometers of farm-to-market roads completed, ongoing or near completion. Also within the year, we have released 11 schoolbuildings (BVANHS-1, Palguyod-2, Dilan-2, Balacag-2, Palacpalac-2, Bobonan-2). 


Still ongoing is the construction of the *Rural Health Center, the improvement of the children’s park and other development priorities. Hopefully next year or before my term expires, you and I will see rising right beside where we are now – a composite building intended for national agencies and other local social services.




The Sangguniang Bayan as the Legislative Body of the Municipality, enacts ordinances, approves resolutions and appropriates funds for the general welfare of the Municipality of Pozorrubio and its inhabitants.


Within the 1st year of this administration, the SB under its Presiding Officer, Vice Mayor Reynaldo P. Reyes adopted 300 resolutions, and enacted 8 ordinances. 


The Appropriation Ordinances include the ordinances on Supplemental Budgets 1, 2 & 3 and the Annual Budget of Pozorrubio for CY 2008, and the ordinances on Avian Influenza, Welfare Code of Children, New Tricycle Fare Rates and Entertainment. 


One of the Regulatory Ordinances regulates the establishment, operation and maintenance of entertainment establishments in our municipality of Pozorrubio. Wives and mothers and priests may now worry less. Order and quiet has returned to our streets as the sun sets.  


In the joint Executive and Legislative First 100 Days report to the people, we reported that among the essential programs and projects included in Supplemental Budget No. 1 and 2 were:


·         Construction of the proposed two-storey Rural Health Unit

·         Purchase of lot for the expansion of the public cemetery

·         Purchase of heavy equipments: Dumptruck and Payloader

·         A controlled dumpsite; implementation of Solid Waste Management

·         Cash incentives to pupils/students for academic/sports excellence


At this point in time, we have accomplished the following all of the above:*VISUALS


One of the important accomplishments of the SB which we are proud to mention is *the annual selection of 5 poor but intelligent students for Municipal Scholars. Started in the year 1994, we have continued this commitment. Many had graduated from college and are now gainfully employed.


            I thank the presiding officer and the members of the Sangguniang Bayan for keeping true with their promise of support for my administration. Not only did they stay behind me, but they kept right beside me, step-by-step, in the implementation of policies, programs and projects to benefit our people. After the past seasons and sessions in the history of the Municipality, peace and harmony now truly reigns supreme between the august bodies of the Executive and the  Legislative.




The most important asset of the Local Government Unit is human resource. In recognition thereof, this administration continuously gives incentives and benefits to deserving employees as warranted:


  • 10% salary adjustment effective July 1, 2007
  • Loyalty Cash Awards to 29 employees for 10 years continuous service*
  • Productivity Incentive Bonus to employees with 2 semesters satisfactory ratings
  • Salary step-increment to 40 employees for 3 years of continuous/satisfactory service
  • Retirement/separation benefits to 13 municipal officials/employees.
  • Capability/capacity building seminars/trainings for deserving employees. 
  • Sporstfest (Volleybal Tournament) held to promote sportsmanship/camaraderie among national/municipal/barangay officials*

                 Last year, we were *Champions in Basketball, 2nd runner-up (Men) and 4th runner-up (Women) in volleyball in Philippine Government Civil Service Anniversary. We hope to maintain this or even do better.

         For employees’ fitness program, exercise is integrated in the Flag Raising   Ceremony every Monday.




To help make Pozorrubio a self-sustaining agricultural municipality, and also to pursue the national program of increased rice production, the Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) continues to provide subsidies to individual farmers and cooperatives to advocate the use of Hybrid Rice and Corn Seeds and Certified Seeds. 


*The Ginituang Masaganang Ani (GMA) of the Department of Agriculture and the LGU has subsidized a total of 908 cavans of certified seeds to 644 farmer recipients.


*On the other hand, the use of Hybrid rice, also subsidized by the LGU is gaining support and popularity among our farmers by posting the highest average yield of 6.2 metric tons per hectare.


The MAO also actively pursues our own rice production program to attain self-sufficiency. A rice seed production cum demonstration farm of 6.8 hectares was established at *DCU Farm at Rosario, Pozorrubio to showcase the latest technology on seed production and to serve as demonstration farm.


Our agricultural technologists continue to use *Geographical Information Survey  to accurately track farms needing further improvements, to which the agricucultural elements of Boron and Zinc is applied as advised by our Congressman Mark Cojuangco.


Other notable projects undertaken by the agriculture department involve *vaccinations, deworming, branding large and small animals.


Our Municipal Agriculture Office also spearheads the *composting of our garbage wastes partly to implement our Solid Waste Management program.*****




*As of June 18, 2008 this administration, together with our Sangguniang Bayan, has released a total of 261 projects of varied significance to the 34 barangays of  Pozorrubio amounting to P8,029,096.65 or 73% of the total 20% Development Fund of the local government. 


Projects chargeable to Municipal Local Funds and Congressional Development Funds include the concreting of *barangay roads located at Amagbagan, Casanfernandoan, Nantangalan, Banding, Buneg, Palacpalac, Nama, Inoman, Sugcong, Imbalbalatong, Rosario, Batakil, Bantugan, Castano, Maambal, Villegas, Tulnac, Poblacion District 1, Dilan, Manaol, Cablong, Balacag and Malokiat,***** construction of 1 classroom for *Benigno V. Aldana National High School (BVANHS), *construction of the Rural Health Unit building, provision of additional *transformers for government buildings.


Other projects chargeable to the development fund of the municipality include 133 projects funded out of the Community Development Fund of VM Reyes and members of the Sangguniang Bayan involving *repair and maintenance of multi-purpose pavements, slope protection projects, construction of lined canals and water impounding projects, repair of school buildings, day-care centers and barangay halls.


 The Local School Board was able to release 14 projects such as construction of * 2 classrooms each for Palguyod, Balacag, Dilan, Palacpalac and Bobonan Elementary Schools; *repairs of Palacpalac, Haway and Nama Elementary Schools roofings, *repair of Don Benito Elementary School Grade 3 classroom, *installation of floor tiles of MAPEH learning Center of BVANHS, *Electronics and Practical electricity training at BVANHS, *installation of water supply for Dilan Elementary School, *installation of steel windows for Laoac Elementary School, and others.



1.             Expansion of the Public Cemetery.*

         This long-term project (sub-divided into Phase 1-5) of the local government unit is in accordance with the Comprehensive Town Plan to provide middle and low income families the chance for a decent, burial place for themselves and their love ones. It is my desire and of my administration to grant this chance to my fellow Pozorrubians.

2.       Link Bridge/s leading to the overseas barangays.* 

The land resource of the overseas barangays is under-utilized and their accessibility is limited especially during rainy season. To increase their accessibility, there is a need to construct a link bridge connecting barangays Dilan and Bantugan or a multi-purpose road. For the meantime, the dumptruck and payloader help in preserving a temporary roadway for the barangay.

3.       Construction of the rest of the 68% farm to market roads. *

Pozorrubio has a total barangay road length of 116,340 kilometers. 37.44% of these had been permanently concretized during the Chan administrations, past and present. We intend to concretize the rest, or at least, part of it, before my term is over.  

4.       Construction of the composite building to house the national agencies. *

      It is my wish, that, as we had done with the 3 buildings, we can also construct the 4th composite building before my term expires by 2010, through the generosity of our Congressman Mark Cojuangco, the cooperation of Pozorrubians here & abroad, with the proceed of our annual search for Ms Pozorrubio Town Fiesta, and savings from the LGU funds.         




The Office of the Municipal Registrar reports that, according to the 2007 Census of Population Pangasinan, Pozorrubio registers a total population of 63,689.


From July 2007 to May 31, 2008, there were 1205 registered births, 350 marriages and 372 deaths.



Our LGU, through our Rural Health Unit, ensures the availability and accessibility of health care services and medicines to marginalized sectors of our society. Within the year, the RHU Officer and staff had served the following programs:


·         Medical Outreach Program “Hawak Kamay sa Kalusugan”

·         Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center (STAC) *

·         Disease Control Program (TB, MB)

·         Maternal and Child Health Care

·         Expanded Immunization Program

·         Family Planning

·         Dental Health Care

·         Diarrheal Disease Control

·         Nutrition

·         Environmental Sanitation Program




Operation Timbang (OPT)*  was during the 1st Quarter of this year, the result of which serves as the baseline data for identifying and planning targets of the Municipal Nutrition Program. The result of the total actual weight assessment  of 7,054 pre-school children, ages 0-6 years from the 34 Barangays is shown on the screen:


·         Above Normal Weight                                    79  or  1.2%

·         Normal Weight                                           6,472  or  91.8%

·         Below Normal-Low                                       409  or  5.8%

·         Below Normal-Very Low                                94  or  1.33%


*Based on the above result, the following programs were conducted in accordance with the Municipal Plan of Action for Nutrition:


a.       Municipal Food Assistance Program         110  Below Normal-Very Low

(Nido Fortified 750 grams)                          Underweight Preschoolers

given every month                                        in all 34 Barangays

b.       Vitamins Supplementation                         110  Below Normal-Very Low

Given every month

c.       Ferrous Sulfate                                            85  Pregnant/Lactating

                                                                      and Anemic cases

            d.  NutritionEducation/Information                  680 Mothers with Underweight

                                                                       Preschoolers, Pregnant and

                                                                       Lactating Mothers





The Municipal Social Welfare and Development (MSWD) Office and its staff serves and  assists our needy, marginalized families and provides livelihood activities through the following programs:

·       Family and Community Welfare Program*

·       Child and Youth Welfare Program*

·       Women’s Welfare Program*

·       Senior Citizens Welfare Program*

·       Program for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) *


·       TINDAHAN NATIN Project*

·       Philhealth Health Insurance*


Announcement: The Office of the Mayor will sponsor the 392 recipients and the Barangay Councils. The OM office requested Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. to sponsor the other 420. Thankfully, the Governor gave in to our request.


·       Disaster Preparedness and Management*

On May 17, 2008, typhoon COSME brought about an unexpected disastrous aftermath – millions lost due to damaged properties (201 totally and 1602 partially blown down houses) but also to spoiled harvests and delayed cropping.  


Assistance for the typhoon victims came in from local and external sources (LGU, Abono Party List, Federation of Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Inc., Congressman Mark Cojuangco and MSWD) and were distributed to the barangays by me personally:


A total of 2,888 families or 17,328 persons were served with relief goods purchased from the above assistance.


Announcement: 200 families are here to receive their financial assistance after the end of the SOMA.





I would like to commend all the 31 members of the Pozorrubio PNP whom I learned are all college graduates and have gone through various police training programs.


Pozorrubio PNP had received six (6) commendations from the Office of the Mayor and three (3) from the Pangasinan Provincial Office.


Aside from (5) cases Illegal Drugs, (14) Street Crimes, (26) Campaign Against Wanted Persons w/o Head Price, (14) Illegal Gambling that were all filed in court, there are no reported incidents of Kidnap for Ransom, Carnapping/Bank Robbery/Hijacking, Wanted Persons w/ Head Price, Syndicated Crime Groups, Loose Firearms, Insurgency/Terrorism.


           There are no reported /monitored organized crime and insurgency. No reported incident of journalist killings.




BFP  implements a fire safety awareness campaign that addresses the most vulnerable sectors of society on the 3 Es of fire prevention:  Engineering, Education, Enforcement


The  personnel were on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within the year, they responded to 4 fire incidents within Area of Responsibility, and 3 fire incidents outside. Common causes of fire: poor electrical connections and unattended garbage fires. All fires accidental in nature. No Arson Cases filed.




            An educated and well-informed citizenry contributes positively towards developing human resources to become active members of society.


Thus, included in the Municipal Development Plans of this administration are:


We shall continue to support the Alternative Learning system through the *ART & EMMA Literacy Program. We shall allocate more funds for livelihood and scholarships. We shall also try to reduce the student-classroom ratio with the construction of more school buildings to achieve universal education and to increase the literacy rate closer to 100%. We shall also attempt to provide our young constituents with easier accessibility, not only for elementary and highschool education, but also for tertiary – *college and beyond college.




            There is no conclusion. But there is continuation. And it would have to take an event stronger than the strongest typhoon to dissuade this administration from taking the path we had chosen to take from that very first day of July 2007, our baptism of fire.


            We made it. We are still making it. 


To be more correct: together, we made it through the first year, which is exactly one-third of the way through my term. You and I, and the rest of the Pozorrubians out there. And considering the issues and the situations, political or otherwise, that we had to face head-on, not only did we make it. In point of fact, we made it well, even better than good.


Vice-Mayor Reynaldo Reyes and all the Municipal Kagawad, Kapitanes and your respective Barangay officials, department heads and your staff, all of us Pozorrubians here – let us give ourselves the most appreciative of all congratulations. I believe we all deserve that. 


Salamat kada kayu nga amin. Agkita tayu manen no umay nga tawen


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    Ma’am/Sir, may i know if there is a resolution of the amended and approved by the LGU/Sangguniang Officials for the project proposal of Combined Police and Fire Department/ Station for the Municipality? I am conducting a research/study (THESIS) for this program, any information you could share could help a lot for my research. Thank you and God bless… I’m Vic C. Baterina, 5th year Architecture student of the University of Baguio. my email add;(

  2. Madam, i will be there this week maybe friday to follow up the case of my brother jesus s. ebreo along the H-way of cablong, pozurobio pangasinan my brother passed away last March 7, 2010 in our hometown Umingan, Pangasinan. The case was handled by your police PO1 Jonathan V Domingo the certification was signed/noted by P/CI Domingo D Soriano , Police Chief. We will be there this week to file a case against the suspect. The suspect is not c ooperating with us anymore.

    Thanks. Good evening. Mabuhay po kayo

    Respectfully yours,

    Jerry S Ebreo

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