RHU construction begins…

By JVillamil 

The Karen Salcedo Saplan Building now truly lives-up to its original project description as multi-purpose.  To adapt to the growing needs of Pozorrubio and its citizens, it will also be the new site of the local Rural Health Unit.

Funded by an initial budget of P6.5 million from purely local savings, the building now undergoes 6-month renovation to accommodate the attachment of a second floor. Aztec, the construction arm of Unique Lumber of Dagupan City targets to finish the renovation by September of this year.

The new rural health unit would house on the ground floor the offices of the Municipal Health Officer, the Public Health Nurse and the Rural Health Midwife. It will also accommodate the consultation area for adults and pediatric clients, pharmacy, maternity and vaccination clinics.

The second floor will be reserved for the conference area, office of the Sanitary Inspector, the Dental and DOTS clinics. It also shall provide for a possible X-ray and laboratory facility.     

To defray further construction and operational costs, the municipality of Pozorrubio had also sent out appeals for assistance to the Department of Health, and to other civic-spirited citizens and entities.






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