Pozorrubio Gathers Awards for Service

By Flor I. Eroles & Cora L. Aquino

Pozorrubio continues to go its merry winning streak. Actually, the town is an inanimate entity; the people are the animated ones. They keep doing it, one after the other. Lately, three employees of the municipality earned recognition (provincial, regional and even national) putting things in order, while good leadership looked over their shoulders.

Second Most Outstanding Human Resources Management Practitioner of Region I 

Mrs. Daisy Salcedo Deguil chief administrative officer of Pozorrubio, was adjudged second place as Most Outstanding Human Resource Management Practitioner of Region I. She was unamously endorsed by her fellow administrative officers and later, by Mrs. Perlita M. Salvador, President of the Association of Administrative Officers of Eastern Pangasinan Council of Personnel Officers to the regional search.

             For her unequivocal pursuit for the good of the service, Mrs. Deguil came second only to the administrative officer of  Laoag City.

             Mrs. Deguil initiated the Biometric Time Recorder, an innovative way of tracking down the time record of all the municipal employees, using the thumb mark and the computer. She was also able to enforce the regular wearing of identification cards and uniforms, the systematic compilation of Personal Data Sheet or employees, their attendance during flag-raising ceremonies. Consistently, she was able to extend valuable assistance to all employees in availing of GSIS or HDMF loans. And most remarkably, she developed camaraderie and unity among the  employees through the holding of sports fest and dance competitions.

             In an interview with KaPOZok, Mrs Dequil revealed that she got the will to accomplish all the above because Mayor Chan supports all her efforts to establish order in all the different municipal offices.

             At press time, the municipal employees are participants in the Sports Fest being held at the Jose Magno Sports Center, September to October, to add spice to everyday routine work and also for a show of solidarity. The fest had been a regular event fro three years now, with the awarding of the winners held in time for the Christmas Celebration.

Most Outstanding Municipal Treasurer Award of the Province of Pangasinan

             Similarly, Mrs. Zorayda Q. Costales, earned for herself the Most Outstanding Municiapl Treasurer Award of the Province of Pangasinan, an award conferred by the Regional Office in recognition of Pozorrubio’s sound financial management given direction by Mayor Artemio Chan, the support and cooperation of the Sangguniang Bayan headed by Vice mayor Reynaldo Reyes, the Assessors Office headed by Engineer Baldomero Ramos.

             Since the time Mayor Chan took the helm of leadership of this town, and Mrs. Costales took charge of the finances, Pozorrubio became financially stable. She was also recognized in the province as Number 1 in 2005 in revenue collection particularly on real property tax.

             Mrs. Costales said that the town was recently adjudged by the Auditing Team of the COA in charge of Laoag, Manaoag, Sison, Pozorrubio, Binalonan and Urdaneta City headed by Mrs. Erlinda M. Agena as Free Risk Based Audit.

Fifth in Pangasinan, Best Municipal Library

             Vice Mayor Reynaldo Reyes provided the news that the Pangasinan Public Libraries Association, Inc. though its president Zenaida C. Romero had judged the Pozorrubio Municipal Library as fifth best in the Province. According to Ms Romero, “only seven municipalities met the requirements” of the evaluation team which undertook the search for the best municipal libraries in the province from January to March of this year.

             Mrs. Victoria Docusin, a former elementary school teacher who retired in 1995 to care for her aging foster parents, it’s the town’s librarian. According to her, the evaluation team was very new library site, the book donations from Pozorrubians here and abroad, and the whole-hearted cooperation extended to the town library by the Mayor and the Sangguniang Bayan. These might have been the clinchers that won for the library its first-ever award.                                


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