Hello, New Executive Building!

Hello, New Executive Building!


It took weeks for the domination squad to tear it down – bit by brittle bit, piece by ageing piece, block by stubborn block. When the dismantling was all done, the old municipio was gone. On a bright second day of March, on the exact same site – a simple ground breaking ceremony was held.

Where once stood proud the old, so shall stand the new. One does not mourn for a rebirth.

The incumbent local administration of Pozorrubio under Mayor Artemio Q. Chan planned, saved, and pushed for construction of the new Executive building  – not principally to make a strong statement on the town’s capacity and capability to forward sustainable development and progress. Aside from its aged status of two decades short of a century, the old minicipio bore the telltale effects of the July 1990 earthquake, particularly that of the annexed building occupied by COMELEC and Postal offices which is vertically detached from the main building, wherein visible crack or gap was observed. In this quake-prone nation, a similar episode to occur in the future can be disastrous or fatal to whoever fails to flee fast at earth’s first trembling.

Furthermore, its walls and floors hid hungry jaws – termites were found to have hungrily nibbled their way into the offices of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Accounting and the Municipal Circuit Trial Court.

There were also these two compelling factors – expediency and accommodation – to hasten the need to shift from the old to the new. A burgeoning of local and transient population required a proportionate hiring of human resources to deal with the increased human transactions and expanded social services. Consequently, more space was needed to accommodate the bigger volume of personnel and walk-in traffic observed in all the offices.

According to Engineer Amerigo S. Garcia, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (MPDC), the original proposal was to construct one building to house both the Executive and Legislative offices. Eventually, a three – cluster building formation was conceptualized to comprise the Legislative building, Executive building, and a building intended for the Rural Health Unit and possibly for the municipal offices of the various national agencies.

For this third and last term of the present administration, almost two-thirds of the concepts has been achieved. The Legislative building is now fully operational, and the three-storey Executive building is an on-going project being undertaken by the Aztec Construction and Equipment Incorporated. It is targeted for completion by December of this year.

Due to time and term constraints, the third building will most probably be realized by th in-coming administration.

The construction of the new Executive building has a budget allocation of P30M. This money was culled from municipal funds and savings, 5th District Congressman Mark O. Cojuanco’s largesse, and proceeds from the 2005 Town Fiesta. Upon completion, the structure will house all collection/revenue and auditing department on its ground floor, regulatory departments and the Mayor’s office at the second floor, and a multi-purpose function hall at the third floor.

For decades to come – hopefully years longer than its precedent municipio the slightly older sibling structure Legislative building are to stand solid as the town’s twin tributes to unity and commitment among leaders, its citizens and its friends here and abroad.

Up to a future time when these two add on the third building to complete a triplet.


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