Fast Facts on Pozorrubio

Contributed by Jing Villamil, Municipal PIO

Main crops:                      
Rice, Sugarcane, tobacco, mango, vegetables and legumes, coconut, corn and cotton
Cottage industries:        
Bamboo and rattan products for exports, swords, knives, bolos and other metal crafts
Other industries:             
Sand and gravel, leather craft, gold panning, fresh water fishponds, poultry and cattle raising

* Pozorrubio Rural Bank                                           
* Rural Bank of Bautista                                           
* Rural Bank of Rosario

* Pozorrubio Community Hospital
* Pozorrubio abattoir Class “A”
* Pozorrubio Public Market
* Pozorrubio Water District
(Level III)                                           
* Pozorrubio Rural Health Center
* Pozorrubio Cable TV
* Gymnasium
* Digitel Telecom Co., Inc.
* Globe Cell site
* Smart Cell site

Other Information:          
* Has more than 4,000 Overseas 
Pozorrubian Workers (OPWs)                                           
* Ranks among five most peaceful
towns of Pangasinan                                           
* Presence of  six (6)
subdivisions with Socialized Housing components
approved by HLURB                                           
*  Presence of 29 elementary schools and 9 secondary schools

Location: eastern portion of the Province of Pangasinan,
                 200 KM north of Manila, along Manila-Baguio highway
Class: 2nd Class Municipality
Total area:  89.65 sq. KM.
No. of Barangays:  34
Total Population (NSO Projected 2005):  63,339
Literacy Rate:  95.25%


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