The Mayor’s Story

by Emerita Nimer

She was First Lady for nine years. She now holds the highest political post in the municipality of Pozorrubio.

           She was an honor student in her elementary and secondary school years. She pursued her tertiary education at the University of Santo Tomas where she received her degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Mayor in Accountancy.

           It was a fateful day of January 13, 1974 that changed the life of the celebrated daughter of this affluent family. At a party hosted by Mrs. Teofila Chan Go, the hostess played cupid to Artemio and Emma. Six months of courtship ended in a grand wedding held at San Agustin Church in Manila.

           As Filipino – Chinese marriages usually go, the couple went into business early in their married life. Artemio, being the eldest son, was entrusted to continue the family tobacco business.

           No matter how perfectly matched, they were just like any other ordinary couples who sometimes let their emotions dash through rocks; but the tenacity of their deeply-rooted love can’t be destroyed by negative forces. Their relationship continued to bloom in love and affection.

           Having gown up in the world of business, the couple leaned the value of money from their parents. They sweated for it, invested it wisely in one business then another, and they safeguarded its earnings. They seemed to have an amulet to make them proper beyond expectations in any business they indulged or ventured in. Starting from tobacco, their business slowly multiplied to five other laudable enterprises.

           Being in the business world didn’t isolate them from the rest of the community. Instead, it brought the couple closer to them because they and their business partners and their other valued customers provided employment to the people.           Their love and concern for the people are they very reasons why some influential people in Pozorrubio convinced Artemio to join local politics.

           Artemio was elected mayor for three consecutive terms due to his outstanding accomplishments that benefited the Pozorrubians.

           People sometimes wonder how he excellently managed both political functions and business endeavors. They were not aware of the secret formula of success of Artemio and Emma: to support and complement each other to ensure success.

           Emma involved herself with church activities especially the renovation of the old church into what it is today. She also supported Non-Formal Education so extraordinarily that she was awarded 4th place in the Outstanding Literacy Worker Category in the 2003 National Literacy Awards held in Tacloban City.

           At present, Emma is the Honorary Chairperson of KALIPI, the local counterpart of the national woman’s organization.

           It was not by chance that Emma Zosima T. Chan was elected to the mayoral seat. It was because she and her beloved husband. Ex-mayor Artemio Q. Chan worked hard for the betterment of the lives of the Pozorrubians of today and of tomorrow. The couple had always sought God’s guidance in everything they plan and do for Pozorrubio.

           When one does good for the people. God does good for him in return.


3 thoughts on “The Mayor’s Story

  1. may i know the improvement po pozorrubio, lives of people and while you don’t contact chenese investor to invest in pozorrubio, what so ever business that can help the people to improve thier lives.

  2. I enjoyed reading the write-up about the Lady Mayor by Mrs. Nimer, however, a good proofreader should have been hired to check on the spelling of words before such write-up was published in the internet.

    You must be aware that millions of people throughout the world have access to your website. The writer put the Lady Mayor in a bad light. Please be careful next time since the internet is like an information highway that covers the whole world.

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