Greetings for a Happy Fiesta 2008 and Foundation Day from Pozorrubio Online Team


To Fellow Pozorrubians & Friends,On the occasion of our Town Fiesta 2008 and its 138th Foundation Anniversary, we wish you all Kabaleyans/ Kailians in Pozorrubio and Pozorrubians all over the world a jubilant celebration.On this special event, we would like to take this opportunity to convey our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the continued patronage you have accorded our very own cyberhome, Pozorrubio Online Portal, through the years.Foremost, we wish to extend our special thanks to our mayors of the previous and present administrations for their endorsements of the Portal. Their support facilitated our mission to reach out to Pozorrubians in the 4 corners of the earth and in the borderless cyberspace.

On this momentous day, we look back with hearty smile and satisfaction to the years you had been interacting with your fellow Kabaleyans and to us through the Portal.

Now, we look ahead with being closer to you, with a new web or portal design aimed to let you participate more freely and actively in its content development. To an extent greater than before, you, yourself, can now determine what would be seen or ‘decorated’ in our cyberhome, with the new paradigm in web design that we have embraced, called Web 2.0.

We invite you to see the new portal design once again, our gift for you for 2008, and invite other fellow Pozorrubians who have never seen it before, to surf, too.

Pozorrubio Online Portal cyber addresses are:   and

You have reasons to be proud of the Portal. When it was first launched in the late ‘90s, our town, Pozorrubio, was only among the few remote towns projected into cyberspace through the Pozorrubio Online website. It was launched when web making was still in the early developing stage in the country. Since then, it had been using industry-class software to process information, with its server in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and back-up servers in host companies in US, and now in Canada.

Maintaining its record of always delivering ‘firsts’, Pozorrubio Online Team this time brings you the latest in web design philosophy, Web 2.0, to achieve enhanced interaction among Kabaleyans. We have used  for our main framework, Microsoft’s latest content management solution, Sharepoint facing the web, in a Windows Server 2003 platform – an approach even local vendors of the software themselves haven’t dared to use yet to implement Web 2.0.

To a greater extent you can now decide on what the content of the Portal should be. You, yourself, can now upload documents, photos, links, announcements, news, take part in discussions. And organize information in an easily retrievable fashion. You can upload documents in MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, pdf, Visio, jpg, gif,  Autocad,, practically all types of documents you use in the home and office, including animation, music, and video clips.

Contents of the Portal

The Portal homepage is divided into sections that gives you a glimpse of what are in the inside pages. You can see in the homepage portions of the following sections:
•Messages and Discussion Forum
•LGU News by Jing Villamil
•Local News by Jing Villamil
•North America by Lu and Agnes
•Australia by Rod Dingle
•Middle East by Glenn
•News and Articles from Other Websites
•Jokes&Quotes by Connie
•Messages from the Mayor
•Satellite views of Poblacion and About Pozorrubio
•Pozorrubians Anthology
•Articles of General Interest
•Events section
•Links to other sites (PHSAANA, SPAAA, BVANHS, Digital Alley, QueTech, etc)

Associated Websites

Complimenting the Portal are the following

•Pozorrubio Online Blog, where you can read comments of fellow Pozorrubians on interesting issues published in the Portal, and can share your own insights, as well.
•PozoConnect   (, a site created by one of our team members meant for kids, educators, parents and senior citizens of Pozorrubio.
•Emmanuelle’s Digital Library (, a site recommended by one of our members, to bring you a collection of entertaining, meaningful and intriguing literary articles.
•My Pozorrubio: , the town’s site we intend to implement Microsoft’s Expression Web this year.

Vision and Mission of Pozorrubio Online Portal

We envision within two years (and continue thereafter) to link with Pozorrubians in 2 more additional continents and to increase interactivity in the regions where we have current core team members, namely, Philippines, North America, Australia, and Middle East. This is in pursuance of our long-time mission to interconnect with fellow Pozorrubians, preserve town’s history, culture, encourage achievement, provide a place for Pozorrubians to connect with long lost relatives/friends, assist Pozorrubians in times of need, support local governance, and flow back Kabaleyans hearts and minds to the mother town, and support the latter in reaching-out to them.

Fellow Pozorrubians, the existence of Pozorrubio Online Portal depends greatly on your patronage. Please love it, be proud of it, and protect it as you do with our culture, our Kabaleyans, our town.

Enjoy surfing through and adding to the Portal! Enjoy our Fiesta 2008 and Foundation Day !!! We love you, Kabaleyans.

Sincerely yours,
(POT Current Core Members come from: Pozorrubio, North America, Australia, & Saudi Arabia)


3 thoughts on “Greetings for a Happy Fiesta 2008 and Foundation Day from Pozorrubio Online Team

  1. I am trying to locate my former classmate, Esperanza Itliong, who graduated in Torres High, Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila, Philippines in 1952.

    Please tell her to contact me or her relatives. Thank you.

    Your website is well organized. More power to you!

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