One-Dollar Moral Crusade Against Graft and Corruption

Contributed by Agnes Mendoza Gupana for Pozorrubio Online Portal and Pozorrubio Online Blog. Agnes is member of the Pozorrubio Online Team; covers North America. 

Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS*
Chairman, Filipino United Network ( USA )

How would you like to launch a historical fight against graft
and corruption in the Philippines and “buy” back morality in our
government — all for just One Dollar?

You and I have always abhorred the corruption among our
government officials in the Philippines, from top to bottom, and
deplored the sad state of our country, where more than 70%
of our of our people wallow in massive poverty. While the issue
is a complex one, the most obvious etiology of this shameful
malady is the overwhelming graft and corruption among our amoral and decadent government leaders.
Would you be willing to invest a dollar — yes, one single US dollar — in the fight against graft and corruption in the Philippines ?Leading us in this battle is a man of God, the Reverend Father “Among Ed” Panlilio, the newly elected “Miracle” Governor of Pampanga, a man of dignity and integrity.What happened in that province is amazingly unbelievable.  A humble priest, without political experience, without a bank account, without a political machinery, beating two “unbeatable” seasoned, well-funded, and powerful political giants. “Impossible, ” said the political gurus when “Among Ed” first started his crusade. But the Greater Power above obviously had a grander plan for “Among Ed,” and proved the pundits wrong. Suddenly, there was hope for the Philippines .

Armed with his unblemished character, moral ascendancy, love
of country, and a strong commitment to honesty and transparency in
government, “Among Ed” handily won the election, in spite of widespread vote-buying and rampant cheating. It was evident that a visionary leader with integrity can truly inspire and bring out the best in the Filipino.

The billions of “missing” revenues from the Lahar collection under
the past administrations, which Governor Panlilio has discovered since he assumed office June 30, 2007, is only the tip of the iceberg of the invasive cancer of graft and corruption afflicting every level of government in the entire country.
Unfortunately, an honest man makes crooks and villains nervous
and uncomfortable, so there is now a move to eliminate “Among Ed, or oust him thru a Recall, courtesy of his enemies, including the majority of the town mayors who have lost their personal cut from the Lahar collection and other government projects., since Governor Panlilio took over.

One can easily imagine what he, as a man of God, of honesty and
decency, of principle and genuine love of country, can do when elected President of the Philippines . A dream, yes. A tall order, definitely. An impossible task? No, not with the Divine Providence, you, and people power on his side!

Governor Panlilio has adopted Gawad Kalinga as the pillar of
his vision for Pampanga and the nation. His crusade is gaining speed
and momentum, and like Tony Meloto’s GK, it will soon be unstoppable. Two giant national religious groups are now supporting “Among Ed.” Filipinos around the world are rejoicing and rallying behind him. And we want you to be a part of this exciting historical transformation.

Come fly with Governor Panlilio in this moral crusade. Our country
and our neglected poor need heroes like you in our battle for morality in government, for justice and dignity for our people. This is, indeed, a revolution. Not a revolution of arms where blood will be shed, but a revolution of ideals and of principle, where dreams and vision, sweat and tears shall bathe the nation clean.

All this crusade needs is your personal commitment and moral
support for “Among Ed,” an investment for the future of the Philippines . Let’s not miss this opportunity. Let’s use our power to help change our country for the better. The Reverend “Among Ed” Panlilio is heaven-sent and is clearly the hope for our ailing nation.Please make your check for one dollar, or whatever amount you wish, payable to:   

FUND FOR HOPE, and mail it to:

1830 Mirmar Road, Munster,
Indiana, 46321, USA, or  to

Buenaventura Condominium, 62 E. Osmena St.,

Guadalupe, Cebu City, 6000, Philippines.  Kindly include your full name and email address for our Historical Archive.  

This will be the best one-dollar investment you’ll ever make.Join the revolution, help our country and our people, and leave a proud and lasting legacy for our children and the future generations to cherish with honor and dignity.May God bless you and your loved ones! God bless the Philippines !PLEASE SEND THIS LETTER TO ALL YOUR EMAIL CONTACTS


*Philip S. Chua, MD, FACS, FPCS,  Cardiac Surgeon Emeritus in Northwest Indiana, USA, is Chairman of Filipino United Network (FUN-USA), Vice Chairman of Filipino American Leadership Council ( http://www.FALCONadvocacy. com <> ) and Vice President for Far East of Cardiovascular Hospitals of America ( http://www.cvhospitals. com <> ), Wichita, Kansas. He is a columnist for five newspapers and one magazine in the United States and five newspapers and one magazine in the Philippines . Google him for more information. His email address is scalpelpen@gmail. com                     


2 thoughts on “One-Dollar Moral Crusade Against Graft and Corruption

  1. A Different Approach to ‘One-Dollar Moral Crusade Against Graft and Corruption’ by Gin. S. Quesada

    The fight on government corruption that this crusade is focusing on should be directed to us, ourselves. Corruption is already ingrained in our blood. During our early education, we try to give favors to our kids’ teachers to obtain the coveted class medals. Teachers also yield to these offers. How can they refuse ‘stateside’ gifts, or large cash? ‘Educators’ institutionalized these practices in the guise of ‘donations’. In some cases, teachers corrupt the result of exams, such as the one related in ‘Feelings’ article entitled, ‘The Wound That Never Heals”. The article relates a high school teacher gave a pre-answered test questions to her favorite student, which she will submit at the end of the examination period. A classmate witnessed the incident and reported the matter to the principal, who was found later to be the close friend of the teacher. And the cheating student became the top honor in the class. These cheating continue even during professional examinations, such as the scandals in the recent nursing board exams. This scandal is not isolated.

    In the bidding of school IDs, uniforms, books, classrooms, etc. the process is riddled by corruption. Teaching position is awarded to the most-moneyed, not by the written legal rules.

    Even in the streets, we try to practice corruption by offering the policemen cash to avoid trip delays. Later on, the policemen got the idea of extortion and institutionalized it in one or more ‘legal’ forms.

    The parish community is not exempted from corruption. We commonly hear of parish priests or bishops involved in sex scandals. Even during the Spanish period in the early days of Philippine Christianization. The big tracts of land that our big shots in the Philippine society got were obtained by corruption, in exchange for sex, and other forms of bribery.

    In the local government, the older kagawads try to infuse in the incoming sangguniang kabataan, their own corrupt practices that their own superiors, themselves, in the government organizational infrastructure, in turn, sanction. The Godfather is somewhere up in the ladder of the organization.

    For me, the fight against corruption starts in us, as what the latest CBCP stand has stated. The organization says the government corruption now is the result of our own immoral breeding.

    For me, the fight starts in the formation of values in our early days of education, which starts in the home, then to the school, the religious education, the parish community, the local government, the law-enforcers, the courts. Our secular and religious educators, including the parents, must have high moral standards to be able to hone and fortify values in the children before they are deployed in the outside world. Only then can we expect of officials in the government, public, and private sectors, imbued with high level of political will to implement clean governance, leadership or administration.

    For this particular Crusude (‘One-Dollar Moral Crusade Against Graft and Corruption’), I am willing to shell out not only $1, but $5. $1 will be for the fight against government corruption (which obviously this Crusade is referring to). Another dollar for the elevation of moral standards of the secular educators. $1 for the religious educators. Another dollar for the assistance to parents in inculcating values to their children, in addition to teaching them ethics. $1 to support independent to groups voicing out indignation against corruption, and to support the fortication of freedom of expression.

    Just crusading against government corruption is not striking the problem at the roots. It is like banning the consumers alcoholism, but not prohibiting the establishment of liquor factories. And so with firecrackers. In Saudi Arabia, drinking is prohibited. So liquor manufacturing is prohibited too.

    We have inherited the genes of corruption since the establishment of Christian government and education in our country. It has become our blood. We should fight it in various corners and levels of society at the same time. We have developed this cancer in our blood over several centuries. It is difficult to remove it in just one election season or one generation. It should be a consistent and sustained fight, fired by love of country.

    A certain authority once said, it is easier to send rockets and satellites to the other planets than to fight corruption.

  2. Corruption needs three kind of people to succeed:
    Those who give favours.
    Those who take / demand favours.
    Those who look away.

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