Message from the Mayor on Fiesta and Foundation 2008

138th Founding Anniversary & Town Fiesta 2008
Message from the Mayor  

THEME: Making a stand for unity, for a prosperous Pozorrubio!  

To all my Kabaleyan:

I join heart and hands with my fellow Pozorrubians in the celebration of our 138th Foundation Anniversary and Town Fiesta 2008!

As we notch another year, what better tie to further bind us all to oneness and camaraderie than this year’s theme “Making a stand for unity, for a prosperous Pozorrubio”?

The fiesta executive and working committees could have settled with cutting the words down to the basics: “Unity for a Prosperous Pozorrubio”.  Simply defined, unity is concord, or harmony, or agreement among parts or elements of a whole. In our case, unity is the community of Pozorrubians combining with other Pozorrubians for a prosperous Pozorrubio.

On the other hand, to preceed with the phrase “Making a Stand” gives not only collective support to the theme. It adds the needed muscle to its “punch”, the strength to its “spine”.

It is the mighty will of people power beyond imagination. The power to beat all odds, to hurdle through all crags and bumps! It is practically shouting in full force to the world that watches: neither words not whips shall slow us down, much more stop the progress of our march onward and forward to a prosperous Pozorrubio!

And we have truly marched on from that faithful morning of July 1.

To the people of Pozorrubio, to the Pozorrubians online, to our balikbayans, to our benefactors, and to our friends – thank you for making a stand with us.

While we were praying for miracles, the miracle was, and is, all along right here amongst us.

Your Mayor


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