The Rollercoaster of Life

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Rollercoaster of Life

Contributed by Agnes Mendoza-Gupana . .

My fourteen-year-old son, Kevin, was chosen to represent and deliver a speech on behalf of all the 8th graders at Jefferson Junior High School, Woodridge, Illinois, during their Promotion Ceremony, June 6, 2007. He wrote the speech himself and I heard it for the first time, together with his Dad, Ernie, and grandparents, Eul and Paz M. Mendoza.

We all felt so elated that a Pozorrubian is speaking on behalf of the a graduating class of 2007 in the United States, and we were really proud of him while he was delivering the speech.

I am sharing this speech as a very proud parent who was educated in Pozorrubio and the Philippines, and very proud of my roots — a very proud Pozorrubian at heart. Even if we had beenaway from Pozorrubio, let us not forget Pozorrubio will always be a part ofwhat we are today and what our children would be, and we should not forget togive back to our hometown in any way we can.

Here’s Kevin’s speech . . .
Good evening everyone.

Our theme for student council this year was “Ride theLeadership Rollercoaster”. Every time I think of it, I think of life. We¹ve been waiting in line all this time just to get on to the Rollercoaster. Now, we finally get to ride this Rollercoaster of life.

Throughout our years in grade school, we¹ve been patiently waiting to get on this rollercoaster. We got to meet new people and become who we are now. We’ve gone through changes and many hardships. We’ve worked hard up to this point, and I’m sure we’re all proud of ourselves. We’ve finally made it to the rollercoaster. Perseverance and taking chances are what we’ve all had to do to make it to this next step.

Our years at Jefferson have flown by. We have made new friends, had inspiring teachers, and learned many lessons that we are going to apply to our daily lives. It will be an experience that we will never forget. But now was we look toward the future, we move forward in the line. Life goes on, but at the same time, we look back to those waiting to get on the rollercoaster, we look back to the past. Then, we move on to high school.

Like a rollercoaster, we anticipate what’s ahead and the feelings that it would bring, whether it’s excitement, anxiety, or happiness. When we start high school, the rollercoaster starts going uphill and when 4 years have passed, we will have reached the top of the hill and have a new view of things. Then, the rollercoaster of life’s tracks go through a series of dips, turns, and loops, all of which we have to take as it comes.

When riding a rollercoaster, nobody is ever stuck alone; we could be with a friend or a potential friend. With a friend, we have someone to support if the future is too scary. With a potential friend, bonds can be made with the experiences we have together. The new people we have met at Jefferson, should last forever, our bonds will pull us through. However, both ends of the friendship will have to keep strong. Again, no matter what, we’re never stuck alone on a rollercoaster.

Now, as our names are called up, be prepared for the ride of your life. Take your ticket to ride, your certificate, and remember, the ride has just begun.


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