The Pozorrubio High School Story

By Mel V. Jovellanos
(This article was first published in the BVANHS Golden Jubilee souvenir program)

The Pozorrubio Junior High School was established in April 1946, barely seven months after the end of World War II. Before the school opened its doors, students from Pozorrubio attended various secondary schools in Lingayen, Dagupan or Baguio. But when the Manaoag High School was recognized in 1945, several influential and concerned citizens of Pozorrubio, led by Don Domingo M. Magno, Don Florentino Magno and Don Clario C. Quinto (the trio where former Mayors of the town) petitioned Education Department officials in Manila to put up also a secondary school in Pozorrubio. Dr. Daniel Magno Salcedo who was the Director of Public Schools, lost no time in convincing higher authorities in the Department of Education to help his townmates’ petition. Other concerned citizens went out of their way to give moral, financial and even vocal support to the call for the establishment of a local high school. Most prominent of said supporters were Dons Raymundo and Gerardo Buada, Beunaventura and Andres Aldana, Esteban Salcedo, Pedro Estaris, Juan Dimagan, German Lagera, Higinio Gomes, Sr., Gerardo Nabor, Sr. Enrique Posadas, Jorge Robles, Sr., Paulinio de Vera, Francisco and Alejandro Aldana Sr., Deogracias Estrada, Orestes and Andres Olarte.Senator Renato Osias made a promise to Don Domingo Magno to use the Senators pork barrel in the construction of the schools first buildings. He made good his promise in late 1947.
As approved by the Department of education, the Pozorrubio Junior High school was established in April 1946. Around 235 students enrolled and comprised the schools first-ever student body.
The provincial Governor at that time was the Hon. Enrique Braganza and the town Mayor was the Hon. Eligio V. Fernandez.

The first schoolrooms used were located in several sites in the town’s poblacion, using the vacant areas of the Don Andres Olarte residence (Sison Street), Gerardo Nabor, Sr. residence (Espiritu St.) Itliong-Estaris residence along Rizal St., Jovellanos-Venezuela ancestral House located along Sison St., Andres Aldana, Sr house (Espiritu St.) and the Orestes Olarte abode located along Calle Caballero. The main building however, was the Andres Olarte residence. No rentals were charged by the house owners.

The first school principal was the gangling Mr. Telesforo Enrique of Lingayen whom everyone nicknamed. “Mr. America” because of his striking physical resemblance of the then popular radio-movie hero of “Captain America” (There was no television yet).

The first batch of graduates, 37 strong, held their commencement exercise at the plaza Perogloa. Nelia Magno was the Valedictorian, Ador Salazar was the salutatorian with Carmen V. Jovellanos garnering the third honors. To mention some of the members of the pioneering class: Feliza Itliong, Feliza Buen, Guadalupe Estaris, Jesus Magno, Porfirio Buada, Marcelo Liqot, Metodio Estrada, Adolfo Cascolan and Florentino Guleng.

In the middle of 1947, the school was moved to its presents site in Barangay Cablong. Three hectares (thirty-thousand square meters) were donated by Mr. & Mrs Orestes and Cion Olarte. Later on two more hectares were added through purchase, the money of which was raised through contributions and fund-raisings initiates by the P.T.A.

The second batch of graduates, composed of 34 students (20 boys and 14 girls) was led by retired. Maj. Gen. Jose P. Magno, Jr. (former Presidential Military Adviser and now Chairman of the Board of the GSIS and close confidant of F.V.R.) The 1948 graduates has the distinction of holding their commencement exercise for the first time in the school quadrangle (the “Junior” in the schools name was already dropped). Pepe Magno’s salutatorian was Rosario Estrada. Among the graduates of Class 1948 were Teodulo Tampueco and Fe Itliong Fernandez (now Mrs. Fe F. Bautista, former Municipal Mayor of Pozorrubio); Arnulfo and Buenaventura Aldana, Jr., Saturnio Gavina, Sr. (Tampueco and Gavina later on, would serve the town as Muncipal Councilors and both are off and on USA residents); Victor Marinas, Manuel Cabanilla, Sofronio Arcangel, Juanito Venezuela, Ramon Magno (the first intercholastics basketball player produced by Pozorrubio), Alfonso Bustillo, Maria Gamboa, Josefa Estrada, Evilia Camagay, Adela Calputora and Maura Ucay.

Class 1948 was the first class to hold their graduations exercise in the new quadrangle. But the date of their graduation was moved because of the sudden death of President Manual Roxas.
Batch ’49 was the first class to have two sections. Section one with 28 boys and 24 girls and section two with an even number of boys and girls 26 all. Section one among others, had Heminio Yambao, Leopoldo de Vera, Avelino Venezuela, Pedro Torio, Jr., Teofilo Salcedo, Cresencio Ritualo, Cosme Quinto, Elpidio Naoe, Raymundo V. Jovellanos, Cesar Gomez, Cresencio Estaris, Rosendo Estebar, Julio F. Desamito, Willie and Fred Cascolan, Benjamin Canto, Paciano and Alejandro Aldana, Jr., Ana Yambao, Maxima Pedrosa, Carmen Magno, Benita Pasag, Melania Gramata, Concordia Flores, Margarita Espino, Lilia and Hiltrudez Aldana.
Some of the Section two stalwarts were Eulogio Perez, Jose Estrella, Felicisimo Dimagan, Jose Desamitio, Patricio Bustillo, Jose Arcangel, Ireneo Almeron, Jesusa Estrada, Loreta Moulic, Marcelina Obra, and Felicidad Camagay.

Class 1950’s batch according to Engr. Jovito M. Estaris who taught for a number of year during the early years, “was every magulo” although it produced “some of the most brilliant characters” the Pozorrubio High School is noted for. Some of these characters included: Ruperto “Ots” Estrada, Eusebio Naniong, Regino Cardines, Cesar Chavez, Pompeyo Estaris, Jaime Jude, Alfonso Perez, Emmanuel Salcedo, Benjamin Gramata, Bernardo and Francisco Gomez, Teofilo Marinas, Gerardo Nabor, Jr,. Ben Novido, Francisco Quinto, Raymundo Salazar, Nelly Tapia, Trinidad Itliong, Socorro Fernandez, Julia Fernandez, Regina Embesan, Willelma Aldana, Lucrecia Aldana, Angeles Buada, Sixta Caldito, Adoracion Estaris, Dolores Fabia, Consolacion Gamboa, Fernanda Magno, Milagros Magno, Lolita Marquez, Virginia Robeves, Maria Salcedo and Elsie Tolentino.

Juan Laguitan (now a lawyer) topped that class, followed by Dolores Fabia
The next class, following the colorful characters of Class ’50, was equally rich in producing equally colorful characters. Recent studies made by this writer however, has revealed that the more “characters” a particular class produced, the more successful that batch becomes. Class 1951 for instance, composed of only 85 graduates, has turned out successful lawyers, doctors engineers, accountants and load of other highly-regarded professionals. Included in the batch was the late Atty. (and CPA) Clements Calpotura who was elected as the number one Councilor of Baguio City. Many of the Graduates of Class ’51 have either gone abroad or gone overboard but for record purposes, here are some of them” Oscar Aldana (now a New Yorker), Toribio V. Jovellanos (a medical doctor who became the Surgeon-General of the defunct Philippine Constabulary); Gideon Eleno, Teofilo Flores, Alberto Mejia Jr., Herminio Yambao (in Hawaii), Winefreda Aldana, Concepcion Chan, Milagros Estrada, Corazon Estaris, Felisa Orinion, Marina delos Reyes, Violeta Sibucao, Filomena Sibuma, Dionisia I. Fernandes, Patrocinio Gomes, Adelaida Itliong, Gertudez Ochoada and Jesusa Siblag.

Filomena Sibuma and Felisa Orinion headed the class.

Class ’52 was also star-studded. Their topnotcher was Erlinda M. Mejia. Some of her classmates (due to lack of Space we can only mention a few names at random); Josefina Gomes, Maria Espino, Zolia Estaris, Vida Idos, Angelina P. Magno, Corazon Pondivida, Loreto Quinto, Salud Quinto, Zosima Ramos, Lilita Salazar, Josefina de Vera, Milagros de Vera, Feliciano Comagay, Sr., Napolean Castillo, Juanita Gavina, Jose Ligot, Fernando P. Magno, Abraham Millan, Cesar Molina, Rufo Nabor and Wilfredo Nicomedez.

The Batch of 1953 also had two sections (both with 37 members but the boys outnumbered the girls by two to one). The controversy-wracked quest for the valedictorian was broadcast for many weeks (Dagupan-based radio stations) but eventually the controversy was buried as time elapsed. Leonor Aldana was proclaimed as the valedictorian and Dimma de Guzman got the salutatorian’s plum. Some members of the class: Erlinda Aldana, Lilita Bambalan, Gloria Chan, Gloria Espiritu, Lilita Silaroy, Rebecca Torio, Lucia Buada, Amy Estrada, Milagros Estaris, Caridad Magno, Julita Matias, Norma Morales, Lydia Perez, Herminio Ancheta, Alberto Arciaga, Jr. Paulino Bambalan, Teofilo Cabrera, Teofilo Calpito, Lindy Ergino, Edilberto Gamboa, Alejandro Gruspe, Vicente Idos, Jr., Francisco Itliong, Thomas Laguitan, Termias Millan, Jacinto Perez, Andres Reyes, Mario Ritualo, Juanito Salcedo, Felipe de Vera, Rodolfo Amansec, Pacito Guillermo, Domingo Ibasn, Juan Ochoada and Joel Paco.

In the meanwhile Mr. Telesforo Enriques (“Captain America”), the first high school principal (from Lingayen) was replaced by Mr. Candelario C. Quinto in 1948. Tio Dayong served as the principal until the middle of 1952 (he was the principal at the height of Korean War) when Mr. Numeriano Mac. Vinluan was the PHS principal during the next 15 years. Mrs. Brigida Q. Magno succeeded him in 1967. She served until the year martial law was declared when she was replaced by the principal Orlando P. Perez.

Many changes took place in the campus of the Pozorrubio High School since those early years. The old cogon-talahib rooftops and sawale were gradually replaced. The campus now is considered as one of the best in the whole country. Mr. Perez, an agriculturist, has emphasized tree-planting and this has resulted in a campus that boasts of beautiful tree-lined lanes, flower gardens and even extensive herbal gardens.

In the meantime, the years continued to produce several more thousand graduates many of whom have since then been assets not only in the Philippines but practically all countries in the world. In one survey we conducted, we discovered that graduates of the PHS (later to be named in honor of the late Dr. Benigno V. Aldana, former Director of the Bureau fo Public Schools. The bill was sponsored by former Congressman Tony Villar through the initiative of then DECS Head Executive Assistant Lucio B. Fernandez) are doing pretty well wherever they are assigned or have decided to settle London, Australia, Africa, Middle East, Guam, Japan, Alaska, San Diego, New York, Los Angles, Chicago, Hong Kong or Sugcong and Imbalbalatong.

In 1954 another batch of 95 tangay-tangays graduated, led by Jessie Q. Magno (now an international lawyer and spokesperson of Sen. Leticia Shahani) and salutatorian, Vidal Castillo (now and Engineer residing in California). Picking at random again, here are some members of class 1954: Victorio T. Fernandez, Emiliano V. Jovellanos, Tomas Velasquez, Jeremias Torio, Antonio Santiago, Rodrigio Nocasa, Bonifacio Ferrer, Celso Fernandez, Jose Gamboa, Heriberto Bautista, Alfredo Aspiras, Rufino Buada, Esteban Caldito, Daniel Sta. Cruz, Nestor Estrada, Conrado Gavina, Javier Mejia, Maximo Mendoza, Ernesto Montemayor, Dominador Nabor, Romeo Pajarillo, Maximo Palisoc, Jesus Pasag, , Timoteo Siblag, Abraham Torio, Jr. Nuremeo O. Vinluan, Aurora Briones, Remedios del Ocampo, Lydia Estrada, Gertrudez Fernandez, Elena Galaus, Regina Idos, Luz Perez Teresita Quinto, Gloria Rodriguiez, Encarnacion Solomon, Apolonia Tamayo, Filomena de Vera, Virinia Arcangel, Remedios Ayson, Felipa Magno, Avelina Niturada, Paz Pasag and Elizabeth Rivera.

Class 1955 was the last class with just two sections. From thereon the student population of the school increased dramatically. The batch ’55 was as usual a cross-section of the cream of the crop from all barangays in Pozorrubio (sometimes also from Sison and Manaoag). Class 1955 was topped again by a lady valedictorian, Floria Espiritu who because of her name alone, could not be surpassed by any human being. At least Tomasito M. Matias the salutatorian, tried. Some of Floria and Tomy’s classmates were Rogelio Ancheta, Mesias Perez, Lolito Bambilla, Prudencio Caldito, Silvestre Castillo, Juanito Cendana, Ludovino Dulay, Napoleon Esperanza, Marcelino Gomez, Nario S. Idos, Ismael Salcedo, Amancio Sandoval, Manuel Tie, Guillermo Valdez, Andres Aldana, Jr., Jovito Camagy, Federico Colcol, Ignacio Jasmine, Geronimo Moulic, Jose Pondevida, Cipriano Quinto, Rosendo Ramirez, Felipe Salcedo, Fr., Felix Tiu, Lydia Caburian, Benita Fernandez, Emilinda Ritualo, Flora Urbino, Letecia Aldana, Floria Aquino, Erlinda and Loreta Arceo, Floria Buada, Floria Calongcagon, Letecia Desamito, Nora Ereso, Priscila Itliong, Violetta Pajarillo, Corazon delos Reyes and Lavinia Vinluan.

Class 56 was the first to have three sections. Some of the 56’era: Osita Estaris, Lydia Malbog, Norma Martinas, Andrea Nimer, Violeta Fores, Lilita Tamondong and Aurora Naniong, Jovino Buada, Manuel Gavinga, Raymundo Laguit, Francisco Laluan, Willie Packing, Saturnino Patao, Jr. Tulian Veloz, Wilfredo Songcuan, Federico Perez, Rodolfo Naniong, Agnes Estrada, Celestino Desamito, Jr. Alfonso Cruz, Eldefonso Camagay, Antonio Alvendia Jr.
Orlando dela Masa and Honorio Cabanilla headed class “56 as valedictorian and salutatorian, respectively.

Class 1957 was 119 strong, divided into three sections. It was again star studded. Examples: Baltazar Buentipo, Jose Arceo, Eusebio Cardines, Henry Costales, Alfonso and Salvador Idos, Perfecto Itliong, Jose Manaois, Camilo Chan Andres Sotelo, Jovito Cahn, Segundo Opena, Percival Tambot, Violeta Calpito, Marlyn David, Aida Ereso, Eutropia Esaris, Priscila Genese, Gracia Tiu, Ludivina Vinluan and Aurora Mendoza. Cecelia L. Quinto Topped the class, followed by Evangeline Esperanza.

Mary Go, now a successful businesswoman in Dagupan City, bested the 1958 field with Jorge Robles, now a practicing Certified Public Accountant in New York City, a close second. First honors went to Fuliana Buada, second honors to Erlinda Caldito and third honors was copped by Minda Tamondong.

Some of their classmates were: Corazon Itliong, Sofia Sibuma, Gilda Tambot, Salvacion Tambot, Dominador Antenor, Orlando Flores, Dominador Malbog, Rudy Pasag, Warnie Salcedo, Pablo Ritualo and Jose de Vera.

The next class surprisingly decreased in number. Class ’59 had Virgilio Salcedo as valedictorian, Buenaventura Gabuat as salutatorian and the next three: Presentacion Gomez, Samuel Pasag and Teodora Espino.

Some of the more notable members of Class ’59: Blesilda Buetipo, Teodora Espino, Corazaon Viernes, Isidro Bocauto, Rogelio Jasmin, Carlos Palisoc, Alfredo and Rodolfo Sinocruz, Lydia Garingan, Erlinda Eroles, Mila Buen, Faustino Colcol, Taime Marinas, Mario navota, Jovita Pasag, Rodolfo Songcuan and Bonifacio Solomon.

In the beginning the students of the Pozorrubio High school paid (mostly monthly installments) for their tuition, matriculation, library, medical-dental, athletics and fees totaling less than on-hundred pesos (P100-) for the whole school year. Through the years as the peso devalued and the national economy tumbled, the school fees also increased. Some students bitterest experiences in their high school lives dealt in their not being allowed to take their departmental or periodic test because they could not as yet pay their monthly dues. Some were given special exams but through the years there were students who dropped from the rolls because of this inability to pay. Later the Pozorrubio High School became a national high school and it received large subsidies from the government. Seven years ago, with the passage of the free tuition law, schooling became almost entirely fee. But this led to the sudden increase in the number of students. The student population jumped to more than 2,000 and during the last five commencement exercises graduates totaled almost five-hundred students each.


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  2. this article is relatetd to my father stories cause my father is from Pozzurobio Pangasinan but we d’dnt even meet yet…

  3. In deed I am so much overjoyed seeing our name Juanito R Salcedo and Lucia Buada Salcedo in PHS story by Mr. Mel Jovellanos.

    “Well done”
    Thank you

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  5. Attention: To all Salcedo’s clan, i’m planning to make a online family tree, if you are related to Salcedo’s, please email me your details. My Grandfather name is Dr. Daniel Magno Salcedo he was born in Pozorrubio Pangasinan i reckon 🙂 common people united we stand divided we fall, email me please.

    • Hi i am Presy Salcedo Suzara,my father is Daniel Magno Salcedo from pozorrubio Pangasinan..Im interested meeting other clan members. You can add me up on facebook just search the above name.i also would like to share my fathers biography ang his other achievements.thank you

  6. Good morning,

    I moved here in California since 2005 from Canada and I’ve been loking for my friend who came from POZZORUBIO her name is Nora Ritualo. I’ll be very greatful if anyone could give me any info.

    Thank you so much and have a nice day. You could reach me thru mey email

  7. I am looking for batch 1972-73 graduates. Some of the names that I remember are Gil Aquino, Gerardo Estaris, Susana Illana, Butch Quinto, Sylvia, Velasquez, Daniel Chan, Imelda, etc. We used to have a teacher named Ms. Vinluan. Please e-mail me at I wish to know if there are any alumni events backhome. I am now living in the US. Thanks.

    • hi i am rodolfo guling clasmate ko si herardo staris i am working here in ksa kingdom of saudi arabia nabasa ka ang ads mo na naghahanap ka ng school mate nina gary

  8. Hi’ would like to know if you know conrado gavina Jr ‘knwn as’ clyde ‘he use to be agood friend and i lost contact. it would be nice to hear from him thanks,,, emily

  9. Good day!!!
    Im Rebecca Magno Sanoria married…My maiden name is Rebecca Serran Magno. Both my parents are from Pozorubio Pangasinan. My Father is Ramon Esposito Magno and my Mother is Lolita Oliba Serran. Im searching some magno’s in facebook but this article came out… Those names mentioned in the article was familiar to me Salcedo, Itliong, Estaris and many more. I heard that names to my father everytime he will tell us a story and maybe I met some of them. My lolo and lola is Juan Magno and Dolores Esposito Magno. Im happy to see this site…if anyone wants to keep in touch to my father you can e mail me…Thanks, god bless to all and more power!!!

  10. Hey – whats up. Thanks a bunch for the info. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but there is so much out there. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the great information. I will be coming back in a couple of days to see if there is updated posts.

  11. Very nice historical account of your high school!

    I am looking for the following class 56:
    Susan E. Baterina, Adoracion D. Espinoza, Lydia T. Malbog, Emelinda Ritualo

    Pangasinan Normal School Class 1960 Golden Reunion on March 24-25, 2010 (8:30am)
    At Bayambang, Pangasinan, Philippines

    Souvenir program:
    Information: jobs/positions years, school (town, province). post graduate degree, awards), spouse, children’s names & schooling/job & how many grandchildren. Volunteer work
    Please send info and pictures ( solo & family) to Salome Deadline: January 20, 2010

  12. i’m looking for nelly cardines married to jess still here in riyadh,saudi arabia…remember me??? i!m evangelina ricarde your classmate from P.H.S. i’m also looking for my other classmates..class’70



  14. My name before when I was still studying in Pozorrubio High School was Zenaida Q. Nacis graduated 1970 Please I want to know the whereabouts of my friends namely:Merla Dulay,Myrna Galauz,Racquel Cruz Please contact me and inform me about them Currently I’m working here in the Middle East Doha, Qatar and my name now is Zaynab Q. Nacis since I embraced Islam as my religion

  15. hi i am rodolfo guling working here in saudi arabia and i am loking for the relatives of alfredo binter he is from nama pozorrubio pangasinan and he is now in cretical condition he was comfined in saudi hospita saudi arabia please notify me to my email add thanks he has two kids girl and boy

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  17. my father was esteban caldito, class of 1954. he and his five siblings all went to phs. he passed away in 1976, of cancer, after serving in the US navy, in vietnam. he had two children (my sister and i) and four grandchildren. my remaining aunties and uncles still get together with former classmates on a regular basis.

  18. Looking to contact Ludivina Vinluan for update on last 25 years news since I’ve seen her. We lost contact after I moved away from St. Clair, MO.

  19. hi Emily Dela Cruz, I need to know how can I get in touch with you just in case I find your long lost friend Conrado Gavina Jr. belated Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year 2011 to you and to your beloved family

  20. Much thanks for this great post! My father-in-law is Jose Pfondevida (Pondevida) Class of 1955, recently passed October 2010. This is helpful information for the ancestry tree I am currently working on for my daughter.

  21. can any one can give me a contact number of jorge estaris the cousin of PERFECTO C. ORIS from pangasinan my number is 09182462592 and 09227519106

    many thanks po

  22. can any one can give me a contact number of jorge estaris the cousin of PERFECTO C. ORIS from pangasinan my number is 09182462592 and 09227519106

    many thanks po sa inyo

  23. I would like to hear from you my fellow Saint Philomenas Academy batch 1959-1963…thank you very much..I’m on Facebook

  24. Hello. Could someone in here help us look for someone who knows a certain Soledad Estaris. She’s probably around 70-80 years old by now. My grandfather, the late Sixto Estaris, found Soledad’s relatives in Pozzorubio. Now I’m looking for people who might know her. It’s really important. Thanks. I really hope that someone would care to help. 🙂

    • Yo Pristeen, I’d meet Dra Dalia Estaris leavin in Sydney Australia thats about 10 years ago she was an optometris there, maybe she’s related to yah?

  25. Looking for the former Gilda Tambot ( I am sure she now has different surname) I saw she was at class of 1957 We met in Baguio where she pursued her studies after graduation from your school. Anybody know her whereabouts, please email me at I will be forever grateful.

  26. Still looking forward to locating the former Gilda Tambot of Class ’58 in your school. The last time I heard she got married to someone who worked at bureau of customs and living in Binmaley, Pangasinan. I’m sure she has now a different surname. Maybe her kids would be able to read this.

  27. Icame from from Buada clan,my lolo was Juan T.Buada who migrated here in Mindanao.My name is Romy B.Buada.Di po ako nakapunta ng Pangasinan ever since.Naragsakak nga nakabasa aytoy a article.Taga Malamote,Kabacan,Cotabato po kami.Salamat po Buada Clan.

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