The First 100 Days in Office Report to the People

Speech delivered by Hon. Mayor Emma T. Chan, Municipal Mayor, Pozorrubio Pangasinan, Oct 18, 2007

  . . . distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. People of Pozorrubio, good morning!

        The first 100 days in office is usually given the sweet other term “Honeymoon Days”. This is to mean that the people – the citizens of the town, the political critics, the media – extend for 100 days a more lenient, wait-and-see attitude towards a newly-elected administration or public official. Let us just say that it is an adjustment period given to both the new leader and the people whom he is to lead.

             For this new administration, there were no “Honeymoon Days”. Straightaway, we went to work. Or, to be precise about it, we went back to work. We believed, and lived, on the platform of continuity – to continue the progress and development of Pozorrubio already began 9 years ago.                        

After 100 days, the first accounting begins.  

People of Pozorrubio, it is my duty and privilege, as Chief Executive of this municipality, to enumerate to you our humble accomplishments for the first 3 months in the pursuit of our common goal.  

These accomplishments may be modest, but we present them to you with pride and gladness in our hearts.       ___________________________________________________________________ Our VISION:  Pozorrubio as the next major growth center in the fifth district of Pangasinan. A municipality inhabited by morally upright, self-reliant, peace loving and environment friendly citizens governed by a just and humane local government unit.

Our MISSION: To pursue our desired Vision for our municipality, with priority on serving our constituents as mandated in Section 16 of Local Government Code or otherwise known as the General Welfare Code: “Every local government unit shall exercise the powers expressly granted, those necessarily implied therefrom, as well as powers necessary, appropriate, or incidental for its efficient and effective governance, and those which are essential to the promotion of the general welfare. Within their respective territorial jurisdiction, local government units shall ensure and support, among other things, the preservation and enrichment of culture, promote health and safety, enhance the right of the people to a balanced ecology, encourage and support the development of appropriate and self-reliant scientific and technological capabilities, improve public morals, enhance economic prosperity and social justice, promote full employment among their residents, maintain peace and order, and preserve the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants.”  


First, we discuss the administration of the town’s finances. Our Gross Income generated from all sources, local and national, from July to September this year, registered a total amount of P18,324,671.39. Deduct the total expenses incurred for the same period for Personnel Services, Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses amounting to P14,346,3189.47. We thereby registered a positive Net Income of P3,978,352.92 for the first 3 months alone. 

July-September 2007 Total Collection from All Internal Local SourcesTo give you an idea on how we fared in terms of collections: in the first 3 months, July to September of this year, the local Treasury was able to generate a total collection from all internal local sources alone amounting to P5,937,064.80, as compared to P4,659,623.91 collected last year within the same period of July to September 2006. This represents a marked-up increase of around 28.27%  

This robust surplus in net income is a result of the systematic, aggressive collection activities implemented by the local Treasury as supported by our Municipal Revenue Code and other provincial impositions with regards to Real Property Taxes. 

Our collection activities are so efficient and so effective that our Municipal Treasurer Madam Zoraida Costales, and our Municipal Assessor Sir Alfredo Reyes were both chosen No. 1 Most Outstanding in the Province by the Department of Finance. Madam Treasurer was also chosen No. 1 Most Outstanding in Region 1. 

On the September 28, 2007, the Commission on Audit has published in the newspaper Philippines Star the Financial Reports of Municipalities. In the report, Pozorrubio ranks No. 4 in the Province and No. 10 in Region 1 in terms of Net Income. 

As we all know, the progress and development of Pozorrubio was made possible through its savings and surplus accumulated throughout the years by the past and present administrations. To further accelerate this progress, Supplemental Budget No. 1 amounting to P4,875,117.22  and Supplemental Budget #2 amounting to P15,630,679.64  were unanimously passed by our new Sangguniang Bayan.  Among the essential programs and projects included in these supplemental budgets are the following:

·         Construction of the proposed two-storey Rural Health Unit;

·         Purchase of lot for the expansion of the public cemetery;

·         Purchase of heavy equipments: one unit dumptruck and a payloader for maintenance of our barangay roads;

·         Purchase of 2 service vehicles for the use of both Legislative & Executive departments;

·         Purchase of a sanitary landfill site, the location of which will be determined after consultation with the DENR people;

·         10% salary adjustment for municipal employees;

·         Purchase of new furnitures and fixtures for our Sangguniang Bayan;

·         Cash incentives to pupils and students for academic and sports excellence; and·         Other maintenance and operating expenses to augment the budget of the departments.  


We believe that human resource is the most important asset of the Local Government Unit. Thus, this administration continuously gives benefits and incentives to all deserving employees whenever warranted:

  • From July 1 to Oct. 8, 14 employees who rendered 3 years of continuous service to the municipality benefited from the one-step salary increment;
  • 9 employees received loyalty awards. Aside from certificates of recognition, they received cash awards equivalent to P500 per year for completing at 10 years of continuous and satisfactory service, the Milestone year of every employee.
  • A ten percent (10%) salary increase was granted to all Municipal officials and employees effective July 1, 2007 as provided under Local Budget Circular No. 86.
  • Capability and capacity building seminars/trainings were also accorded to deserving employees to upgrade their competences in rendering public service.
  • Sporstfest (Volleybal Tournament) is presently being held to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among barangay and municipal officials and employees including national line agencies.
  • Our municipality participated in the volleyball and basketball exhibition games held at Sto. Tomas in celebration of the 107th Phil. Gov’t. Civil Service Anniversary. Our teams were declared Champion in Basketball and 4th runner-up in women’s volleyball.


The Local Government Unit of Pozorrubio has always been proud of its being a self-sustaining agricultural municipality. To maintain sustainability in agriculture, the Municipal Agriculture Office aggressively advocates the use of Hybrid Rice and Certified Seeds to our farmer cooperatives. As of this date, a total of 79 farmers were beneficiaries of the Hybrid Rice production. Likewise, 338 farmers were recipients of 405 cavans of Certified Seed production program.  

Relative to this endeavor, 170 bags of organic fertilizers, 425 kilos of Zinc Sulfate and 1,960 sachets of Bio-N fertilizers were given to farmers to support our rice production program. 

Other notable projects undertaken by the agriculture department involve Anti-Rabies vaccinations with 137 recipients, Hog Cholera vaccinations with 157 recipients, and a total of 1437 seedlings of coconut, mahogany, duhat, agoho, tamarind, calumpit and jathropa seedlings distributed to barangays, high schools and elementary schools.  

Should you want to contribute more to sustaining our Clean and Greening Program, our Municipal Agriculturist is more than willing to provide you with the necessary materials. 

SOCIAL SERVICES SECTOR/Health, Nutrition & Sanitation 

Dr. Lucy Bautista of our Rural Health Unit conducted lectures on the prevention of communicable diseases during the rainy season with a number of elementary & secondary schools. On top of this:

·         A total of 791 consultations were attended to by the RHU in the first 8 targeted barangays of the municipality: Nama, Batakil, Palguyod, Palacpalac, Amagbagan, Malasin, Villegas and Malokiat,

·         170 dental patients were given services by our rural health dentist;

·         299 ocular inspections were conducted on commercial business establishments, eateries, videoke bars, water refilling stations including commercial stalls in the public market, schools, animal farms and the proposed municipal cemetery expansion;

·          Fogging activities were done in the Public Market regularly and that of the eastern part of barangay Talogtog;

·         137 pop-smear and sputum smear examinations were conducted;

·         2 cataract patients were referred to project Luke;

·         8 patients were assisted in coordination with MSWD regarding BTL 

As part of our expanded health services to the municipality, the Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center served 910 of our differently-abled constituents with varied treatment sessions, SPED classes and home visitations including 8 referrals to professional health assistance services.  

In addition, our Municipal Nutrition Program under the auspices of various line agencies including the DepEd family continuously safeguards the nutrition aspects of our constituents through convergent efforts, coordination activities and meaningful celebrations relative to this area of concern. The Information, Education and Communication and coordination activities in the nutrition sector thus far, is well and sound. 

Social Welfare Services 

Our Municipal Social Welfare and Development services is anchored towards delivering assistance to our needy and marginalized families and to provide livelihood activities to these identified families in order to alleviate their poverty situation. 

MSWD has rendered services to 119 patients with various needs and has consequently provided referrals to Medical Centers, Hospitals, TESDA, former Board Member Hon. Manuel Carancho, our Congressman Mark Cojuangco and also referrals to the proper courts. 

Part of the financial assistance availed of by the MSWD from Hon. Congressman Mark Cojuangco is Capital Assistance to Self Employment Assistance Program of the municipality worth P325,000.00 with an LGU counterpart of P75,000.00 and external resources sourced from DSWD Region 1 worth P6,000. 

Aside from implementing the regular programs, MSWD also attended to the needs of the elderly group, out-of-school youths, women and children and persons with cases ranging from child custody, child support, adoption, marriage counseling, maltreatment and other minor cases.  Local School Board Aside from the augmentation fund usually availed of by our schools from the Development Fund of the LGU for repairs and maintenance projects, 7 projects were released from the Special Education Fund.  These include construction of 2 classrooms for Palguyod Elem. School, repair of Haway Elem. School classroom roofing, installation of floor tiles of BVANHS learning center, repair of Palacpalac Elem. School roofing, skills training and Practicum in Alternative Learning System Learners. 

This administration is currently working out additional appropriation from the Local Finance Committee for the construction of 4 new classrooms.  

In cognizance of the achievements of our students in the field of sports and the academics, 6 students were awarded cash incentives for their academic achievements during the recently held Division Level Science and Technology Fair at Tayug National High School. Rest assured, that the new administration would ensure the continuance of giving scholarships, recognitions/awards to all deserving students of Pozorrubio. 

Peace and Order Services          

The transition from old to new administration also saw to the departure of a friend, Major Frankie Candelario and the arrival of the first woman Chief of Police in the history of this town, Police Chief Inspector Annie Mangelen.

           In line with the Philippine National Police’s Program, PNP Pozorrubio ensures the continuity of public services and crime-fighting operations within its area of responsibility by increasing police visibility through the Integrated Patrol System.

            Within the 3-month period, there were 12 reports of vehicular incidents and charges of reckless imprudence resulting to homicide and damage to properties. The Campaign against Illegal Drugs resulted in the arrest of 7 drug users/pushers. On street crimes, the office apprehended 3 robbery suspects. On violence against women, 2 suspects were apprehended for rape/battery. Appropriate charges were filed against the suspects involved in the said incidents.    

Infrastructure Development 

Projects undertaken during this limited time frame include the concreting of barangay roads located at Rosario, Batakil, Buneg, and Villegas – all funded by the Congressional Fund of Cong. Mark Cojuangco. Charged under the development fund of the municipality were 69 projects to include repair and maintenance of multi-purpose pavements, construction of box culverts, slope protection projects, construction of lined canals and water impounding projects, repair of school buildings, day care centers and barangay halls.

           Projects that are scheduled for implementation after undergoing the exhaustive process of bidding are:

·         Concreting of farm-to-market to be located at barangays Sugcong, Batakil, Laoac, Tulnac, Manaol, Haway, Bantugan, Castaño, Villegas, Alipangpang, Palacpalac, Inoman, Imbalbalatong, Maambal and Bantugan – funded by Congressional and local funds;

·         Construction of grouted stone masonry as slope stabilizers for barangays Palacpalac and Sugcong. 

Finally, in order to give more impetus to rendering quality health services to our people, this administration is keen to implement the construction of a 2-storey Rural Health Unit of Pozorrubio which is scheduled to start by the last quarter of this year. 

Before I conclude, may I give this assurance to you:

For the past months, our town’s image had somehow been changed by the proliferation of night establishments. Rest assured that the administration, with the active participation of the Sangguniang Bayan, is working hard to put in place substantial legislation to regulate these establishments and to send a clear message to them that Pozorrubio will do everything to maintain and preserve its wholesome image and environment. 

I, therefore call on the Sangguniang Bayan to prioritize and expedite this matter so as to protect the families of our town from the harmful effects of these establishments.

             People of Pozorrubio, the heads and the staff of the different departments under the umbrella of the office of the Chief Executive of the Municipality of Pozorrubio present this collated Report to the People of our First 100 Days in Office.  Hawak-Kamay from the beginning, we hope and we pray, that we remain hand-in-hand to the end of our term in 2010.

            I submit this to you, in all honesty and pride. And with a smile, as always


5 thoughts on “The First 100 Days in Office Report to the People

  1. I welcome this initiative of mayora to be transparent. I hope that every 3 months or six months we have this kind of report to the people. I appreciate how income of the town flows back to the people in terms of services.

    Can our kagawads also show us what they are doing with the hard cash we are hardly earning abroad and giving to our families to pay taxes?

  2. Each of the councilors should state what are their advocacies. How they intend to achieve them. some had advocacies trumpeted during elections, but after distributing a lot of cash and got elected, think not of the people anymore. Asumpal lay betang yo; siak met la natan irayay projects, so they say. Since all of them have the same mindset, during deliberation or meetings of the councilors, each justification for a project are all said in the guise of ‘para sa tao’ meaning ‘para sa kanilang bulsa’ . Nag aagawang parang aso for a project. One vetoes a resolution, because his business will be affected. One pushes for a resolution because he is putting up a business that will profit from the resolution. Justification for the people is only coincidental, or just by accident.

  3. Sa mga pag aagawan nilang yan, na parang mga aso, mayroon dapat pagtuusan ng pansin si mayora. Sino? yong mga incharge sa planning, engg at bidding, monitoring ng projects. kahit sinong manalong bidder, meron sila. dapat kuentahin ang mga sinusueldo nila at ikumpara sa mga ari arian na nila ngayon. sigurado may palusot mga yan. galing sa ate ko sa abroad, may nahukay na ginto.

  4. What I know of MISSION OR MISSION STATEMENT is that it is summary of what one intends to do for an organization or constituents in a coninuing never ending mode. There is no mention of specific timeframe. On the other hand, VISION states a time frame. For example, ‘To build 100 KM of farm-to-market roads within 3 years (30 KM in the first year, 30KM in the second year, 40km in the third year’. Another is ‘to build 50 classrooms within 2 years’. At the end of a term of mayor, one can say if he measured up to his promises or VISIONS.

    But clever politicians state their VISIONS this way: ‘To build 100 KM of farm-to-market roads within 5 years’ . Even if they are aware that they have only 3-year term. Then during their term, they build only 10 km at the end of their term, and ask for reelection in order for them to finish their VISION (kono). When actually in the back of their mind, their VISION is reelection, and of course , what follows is corruption (the top-grosser business in the country).

    This practice is very common in the higher ups, the presidency, governorship, congress, etc. In fact they are the originators. These practices trickle down the lower officials down the baranggays. Yes, what trickles down the masses are impoverishing practices, not economic benefits.

    Meantime, si Juan de la Cruz naman, gustung gustong magpaloko. Juan should demand a better way of stating the VISION. Such that at the early stage of an administration, he would see if the administrators are accomplishing the targets, and thereby demand early correction. A VISION trickily crafted would only let Juan discover only at the end of 3 years, that he has been tricked. The incumbent administrators would then ask for reelection ‘para ipagpatuloy ang mga di pa natapos na projects’ (kono). The VISION should be stated to allow Juan to raise his flag of protest at an early stage and demand correction. In this case the masses will really benefit.

    Di ba Mayora, ganda suggestion ko? Let us restate the VISION statement. And also allow a forum or outlet for the voices of your constituents to be heard. Maybe this blog or Pozorrubio Online Portal will do. Plus the baranggay meetings. I think the Local Government Code provides for a mechanism. But let us also use technology like this blog to get the pulse of the people. Thanks Mayora for giving us this opportunity to freely express our sentiments.

  5. About the crime – any investigation or prosecution for corruption, or is Pozorrubio the only town in the country without corruption?

    Any plan for reducing the air pollution by the cement factory?

    Any plan for a (high speed) train service to Baguio and Manila in the near or far future?

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