A Christmas Message from the Mayor

Through the wonder of electronic connectivity, and thanks to the webmasters of Pozorrubio Online, allow me to reach out to everyone of you: 

Maligayang Pasko! Maliket ya Pasko! Naragsak a Paskua! 
And A Happy New Year! 

It is not everyday that everyone is near-full to the brim with cheers, with love, and with best wishes for everyone. In the heat of summer and through the gawat of the rainy days, our cup neared empty, our cheers less, and we best not wish.  

Through it all there is one constant. Love is that constant. Though melted and flooded on, it is ever there. Love for the family, for Pozorrubio, for this country. 

And so we come to the end of this year, and to the bend that brings us around to another year. Once again, you and I brim near-full with cheers, with love, and with best wishes for everyone. 

Six months through my term, I look forward to the harvesting of our dream – our town and our people full and content, healthy and happy, hawak-kamay towards progress.

With all of us marching towards one goal, we will surely move on.

With all of us praying true for our dream, we will surely not fail.     

Keep in touch, reach out. Send an SMS, phone a call, or click on Pozorrubio Online. A Pozorrubian is always at the other end. 

Or better still, come home.       

Your Mayor


7 thoughts on “A Christmas Message from the Mayor

  1. Baleg a salamat ed sikayo Mayora ed sayan Merry Xmas greetings yo. Sikamiran Pozorrubians diad Middle East ya agmaka sempet ed sayan Pasko, malike-liket kamin makabasa ed sayan message yo. Anggapoy onyan message ed apalabas iran taon. Singa kami pinpiman ya walad arawi.Salamat ed sikayo. Komon successful kayod panamaakar yoy baley tayo. Maliket ya Pasko ed sikayo, familia yo, saray kapamilyaan midtan, tan sikayo ran Kabaleyan midtan ya manliliket natan. Labay ko met so mangiter na Merry Xmas greetings ed saray kabaleyan, ag agi tan kanayon tayon wala ed arum ya lugar, diad America, Canada, Europa, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, ditan ed Southeast Asia tan Pacific, Russia, South America. (Oh, diad ontombok ya Pasko, manbakasyon kayo met a, pati siak. Aalageren to tayo nen Mayora.)

  2. Duma manaya no bii so mangegnay renda na gobierno tayo. Singa ina. Agto nalenwanay anak to ra. Salamat Mayora. Maiyan so mensahi yo. Merry Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Mayor. I look forward to the day our town can accommodate migrant workers once again. It’s difficult living away from home and family. I would like to take this opportunity to greet my wife, kids – Naragsak a Pascua kenkua yo, Baket, Annak ko! Inay ayat kayo amin.

  4. Mayora, nakaka homesick ang message ninyo pati yong background music sa homepage ng Pozorrubio Online. Feel homesick sa bayan natin and my family. Can’t help not to shed tears reading news in our portal. Merry christmas po. Good luck in your governance.

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All my Kababayan, Kabaleyan, Kailian. It’s been a while since my last visit to our home town and Its really great to be home with our Families and Love Once and there are such big improvements that I’ve seen. I just hope that soon Migrant workers will be able to work in there hometown so as not to live behind their Families and Love Once.
    Again Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    Digital Alley Photo & Video Production
    (Digital Photography and Videography Services)

  6. Sana Mayora once a month or 2 times a month my message kayo. Para ang labas ay para kayong nakikipag usap sa amin palagi. Makikita nyo naman ang aming mga reaction. Yan ang reaching out. Sa susunod na buwan may message ba kayo?. Tuwing may occasion, u should hv message: Valentine, season ng mga graduation, lent, season ng tagtuyot at gawat (mayora should hv morale-boosting message sa panahon ng kahirapan), santacruzan, fader’s day, maders day, labor day, rizal day, ninoy aquino day, araw ng patay, national heroes day. (kabisado natin mga araw ng walang pasok, at mga dahilan para hwag pumasok). Plagay ko kamot ulo mga tagagwa, tga type message at taga publish online. saan na kaya ilalagy ni webmaster ang mga message na yan. Plagay ko yong iba na pang June, sa november na nya ipublish. Pero what I am saying is serious. With frequent messages, you remain always in the hearts of your people. You minimize communication gap.

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